Walking Dead Spoiler – Who is with Daryl?

daryl1The Walking Dead producers have hit gold with a mystery as big as who shot JR!  Uh, well, not really, but it’s close!  Daryl is with a mysterious person at the end of last week’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof”.  He shouts “Come on out,” very emotionally.  Does he speak that way to women?  Daryl looks kinda rattled.  Or maybe upset.  We’ll say second best mystery to who shot JR. 

There’s only so many people it could really be.  It has to either be Carol, Beth, Morgan, or someone new.  That’s all the choices, I believe.  I don’t think it’s a straightforward walk out though, because of the way Daryl is acting and carrying on.  He doesn’t have any of his weapons as he walks out, so I’m not sure if that’s a clue or not.

NUMBER ONE = The mystery person is Carol, who is holding a new guy at gunpoint.  Carol and Daryl were able to capture this new guy while they’ve been off-screen.  As he tells his story, the episode goes into flashback, then Rick and the group go to the hospital to save Beth.  Makes sense.  

NUMBER TWO = Carol is carrying Beth or the other way around.  It may be that Daryl looks so upset because one of the ladies is injured.  Daryl didn’t look in any hurry, so this guess is a little weak, granted.

NUMBER THREE = Morgan appears with a wounded Carol or by himself, having saved Daryl from evil.  I’m not sure why Morgan would be included at all in this storyline, much less this episode, so this guess is even weaker than the last.  However, he does know a lot of stuff and has been walking around ever since we last saw him.  Maybe he’s been watching people?

NUMBER FOUR = A new guy walks out with Daryl.  He knows where Beth is and where Carol is, so Daryl brought him back.  It’s hard to swallow that Daryl would give up the group’s location, but if Carol and Daryl ran into bigger problems, he might have to.  It might also be that the new guy is carrying either Carol or Beth, if they wanted him to be a likable character.  I’m thinking not.

All in all, I think the most likely scenario is the mystery person is either Carol or a new person.  The thing about that ending is that Daryl probably would be walking with Carol or Beth, not in front of them, which makes me think Morgan or a new guy.  Whoever it is, I think someone ends up injured during this episode, possibly Beth or Carol or both, which is why Daryl looks upset.  I think this mystery is going to boost ratings, no doubt about that.