Top Ten Worst Movie Endings

ending2The ending of a movie is the lynch pin that holds the whole story together.  Without a good resolution, the audience is not going to be satisfied.  There have been many an unsatisfied audience in movie history, but how many bad endings are there?  Which are the worst?  Here’s my list:

10.  Superman (1978) – I really love the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve and enjoy just about every minute of it.  I have to admit though, the ending is a little lazy.  Since when can Superman turn back time? Since when can rotating the Earth backwards reverse time?  Wouldn’t that destroy the planet?  It is a very comic strip ending, which makes no sense, but everybody’s smiling, so we’re not that angry at number ten on the list.

9.  The Matrix Revolutions – With no sequel to setup, the Wachowski’s actually have to end their movie and do so very poorly.  Neo apparently dies, but I never really understood where he went.  Did he become one with the universe?  I didn’t get it.

8.  Friday the 13, part 2 – Jason leaps through the window and struggles with Paul, but then the movie just ends.  We never actually see what happens.  Did Paul die?  What the heck?  Where’s Jason?  Why did they cut away?  The movie ends as Ginny is carted away to a hospital, and she doesn’t know what happened either.  Lucky for her, she was unconscious.

7.  Halloween 6 – Tommy defeats Michael by beating him up with a lead pipe.  Micheal has survived explosions, gunshots, stabbings and is defeated with a lead pipe beating.  Worst of all, Tommy stands there smirking like a jackass.  Pretty stupid.

6.  I Am Legend – This movie just plain sucks, even beyond the ending.  The special effects and the characters are crap.  The ending doesn’t match the book or the original movie based on the source material.  It’s just thrown in there by corporation cronies looking to follow the formula more closely.  It doesn’t work.

5.  Planet of the Apes (2001) – This Tim Burton ending makes no sense at all.  It must have been put in there to tease a sequel or something, because I can’t explain it.  It literally makes no sense.  Mark Wahlburg travels back to his own time and realizes that apes have conquered the planet, apparently substituting his nemesis where Lincoln should be.  Mark must have ended up on a different planet, where movie directors just do anything weird for shock value.

4.  The Number 23 – This movie is all about the plot twist.  There’s no reason to see it otherwise.  The acting isn’t very good and the camerawork is pretty average.  The movie relies on the ending twist to wrap up all the millions of plot holes and contrivances.  IT DOESN’T.

3.  Batman (1989) – Batman uses his bat-rope thing to hog-tie the Joker to a giant sculpture, plummeting him 200 stories down to his death.  The thing is, Batman doesn’t kill.  End of story.  Read your source material.  Batman doesn’t kill.

2.  The Devil Inside (2012) – Before the final scene ends, the screen fades to black and it’s over.  THE MOVIE ENDS THERE.  There is no ending.  There is some helpful text that comes on the screen referring everyone to a website for more information.  You must be kidding me.  I’m not looking up anything, get lost.  Gimmie my money back.

1.  X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) – This movie was made to cripple the characters, plain and simple.  Look at the title for god’s sake.  Magneto gets neutered.  Rogue takes a cure for some reason.  Xavier dies but takes over someone else’s body, apparently bumping off or bumping over the other guy aside.  This is why Days of Future Past is such a better movie.  It doesn’t do cheap crap like in this one.