Walking Dead Predictions – ep 504 Slabtown

beth1This is the Beth episode and things are not looking too good for her in the previews.  We also get to learn who is with Daryl as he returns to the group.  I think there is a strong possibility the mystery person is a brand new character named Noah or Aaron,  who will clue everyone in on where Beth is.  Whether Carol is walking with this new person or not is another mystery, but she’s probably gone missing too.  

The story in Slabtown will probably take place in flashback as Beth tries to figure out how to escape the hospital.  When Carol is brought in, she’ll realize that she can’t just take off because she has to do something to help her.  Unfortunately, Emily Kinney is the guest on The Talking Dead this week, which is not good news.  That usually means the person died and is saying goodbye, like Gareth aka Andrew J. West from last week.  It could be that the whole next couple of episodes are flashbacks, which explain the death of Beth and other characters.

Will Beth die in this week’s episode?  I think there’s a small chance, but spoilers online have shown that Beth is alive at the end of the episode as Carol is brought in on a stretcher.  I’m not sure whether that’s true or not.  After Beth gets to run all over the place this week, our group is brought in next week and then we get a special Daryl/Carol episode the following week in episode 6.  Beth is not in any of the summaries.