Walking Dead First Impressions – Slabtown Review

wdead13The Walking Dead summons the power of The Search for Spock and resurrects Beth.  Daryl has known she was “gone” for a long time and I think in the back of his mind he thought she was dead.  On her side, Beth wakes up, freaks out, and doesn’t know where Daryl is either.  I was surprised she was able to hold back a smirk when they told her “YOU OWE US, BIATCH!”.  Beth grooves out to funky music as she wonders the great wonders of human existence:  What the hedge is going on?  What is this place?  What do you want from me, jackass?

Dawn the Cop is a psycho in training, but she’s in charge of the hospital and in charge of Beth by proxy.  She’s overbearing and makes Beth’s life miserable.  However, she knows what is at stake and carries a heavy burden.  Over the course of this episode, Beth finds out that everybody in the hospital building is depressed and angsty.  Like Twilight scale angsty.  Nobody wants to deal with Dawn and nobody wants to be there.  

Not one to be subtle, Beth guns her way out.  Her escape lasts about 60 seconds in slow motion, which is the shortest escape ever.  She wanders into psycho world as she learns she’s even being manipulated by the doctor she trusts.  Luckily, she steps back from the edge as Carol is brought in.  The leaks on the internet spoiled the ending of this episode and it was a bit anti-climactic for me.

This time last season, the characters were dealing with the prison infection subplot.  Yeah, I’m going to say that season 5 is way better than that.  It has a better storyline for one, and I think the actors are doing a better job.  

Overall, Emily Kinney puts on a good performance in this episode.  It sorta dragged in the middle, but the last half of the episode made up for it.  To be honest, the mystery person with Daryl can only really be Noah, as I thought in my previous prediction post.  He’ll tell Rick about Beth and they’ll all go rescue her, because she didn’t make it out.