Top Ten Allegories in Movies – I love my allegories

apes1I love my movie allegories and this list feeds my cravings.  I’m looking to review one of this movies and pick it apart until I find that deep and meaningful allegory.  Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed, because allegories in movies range from meaningful to a superficial mess.  Which one has the best allegory?

10.  The Day the Earth Stood Still – This sci-fi film is an allegory about the Cold War climate during the 1950s.  It comes with a warning: better be nice or you’ll destroy yourselves.  Pretty simple and straightforward, actually.

9.  The Crazies – This 1973 film is pretty obvious about its message.  It shows the dangers of chemical warfare and comments on the government always double-talking to avoid responsibility.

8.  Planet of the Apes – The original Charlton Heston film warns about escalating human conflict and the arms race, which causes humanity to destroy itself in the movie.  The apes and chimps can also be seen as a comment on racial inequality.

7.  Silent Running – My friend said that this 1972 movie was about a popular activist topic: the environment.  It stars Bruce Dern, whose last great film was Django Unchained in 2012.  It might be interesting to watch, because I know next to nothing about this one.  It sounds interesting though, if only to see Dern go to town all over the big screen again.

6.  Starship Troopers – This slick sci-fi action movie is about fascism.  It goes way over the top with its military obsessiveness and is somewhat of a Big Bug movie too.

5.  District 9 – This movie has tons of aliens to deliver some commentary on racial tensions and race relations.  It also touches on the problems of humanitarian efforts.

4.  Dr. Strangelove – This is satire more than allegory, but it still works as commentary on the nuclear arms race.  Love the bomb.

3. Godzilla – I’ve reviewed this film already, but on a top ten list of allegories, I’ve got to mention this one.  Godzilla comments on the dangers of nuclear weapons and uses all kinds of post-war imagery to teach us about the proper use of science.

2.  They Live – This 80s film is an allegory for the dominance of American culture and the evils of capitalism.  

1.  Blade Runner – Quite possibly the best combination of a good movie and a good allegory, with a comment on human existence.  The question is: What makes us human?  How do you define a human being?