The Walking Dead predictions – Self Help ep 505

wdead16Episode 5 of The Walking Dead focuses on the school bus group carrying Abraham and his pals.  In this episode, we get plenty of time learning who Abraham is and what makes him tick.  In the preview video, you can see Abraham beating the tar out of someone and that’s probably straight out of the flashback.  

Based on the comic, Abraham’s wife and daughter were raped while he was out getting supplies.  When he returned, he savagely beat the assailants to death.  Fearing his rage, Abraham’s family left in the night and fell victim to zombies.  As for his girlfriend Rosita, I don’t think we’ll learn more about her, and she’s not in any of the previews.  She is important to Abraham and might figure into his story, but probably not.  

wdead14There is a rumor floating around the internet that Glenn and Maggie get the truth out of Eugene during episode 5.  Eugene’s “plan” is the worst kept secret in television, as Eugene’s backstory and his secrets are easy to find in the comics.  I don’t know if they’d reveal the truth behind Eugene in this episode, as it seems a little bit of a waste, because the whole thing pays off better when they get to Washington.

The bus crash can be seen in many of the promo pictures.  Why they crash is not revealed, but they ditch the bus at one point.  They encounter a whole lot of zombies in this episode and Eugene mans a firehose to blast them back.  

There is no Beth and no Rick in this episode.  The Beth rescue takes place in episode 6, when Noah emerges from the woods with Daryl to give directions.  It will be an action-packed episode.