The Walking Dead review – ep 505 Self Help

wdead18This episode needs its own bit of help.  The plot of this one is the same thing that has happened countless times before in countless other episodes of The Walking Dead.  The group is traveling somewhere, they get stopped, and have a couple of dramatic moments.  Big surprise.  The only thing I cared about in this episode was Eugene and Eugene’s story.  The episode follows Abraham’s group on the bus as they are traveling to Washington, but they are interrupted by some unexpected things.

wdead19The beginning of this story is pretty jumpy and repetitive, but it gets better as it moves along.  It actually starts to build something as the group stops at a store, staying overnight inside.  Maggie and Glenn have a good moment.  Eugene opens up a little and we get some time with him too.

Abraham has a big role in this episode and we learn more about his backstory through some flashbacks.  Apparently, he is a veteran and his family was attacked when he was staying in a store.  He killed the attackers, but his wife and kids were afraid of him, so they took off like in the comics.  They were killed by some walkers.

Abraham’s reaction to Eugene’s big reveal is perfect.  It’s pretty funny too.  I think Eugene was expecting it, but I don’t think he’s dead at the end of the episode, but his face is pretty much broken.  I thought maybe Abraham might shoot him, but he came close to showing the rage he felt in his flashbacks.

So now the show has no running goal and after next week, all the loose ends will all be wrapped up.  Overall, this was an okay episode.  It had some of everything, including a revelation.  I like that Eugene told the truth, because there’s only so long you can drag his story out.  Overall, the best part of this episode is Eugene and he carries it with his geekiness.  The worst part is the beginning, which is slow to get moving.  It moves faster by the midway point and I think the ending makes up for the weaknesses.