The Walking Dead Predictions – ep 506 Consumed

wdead21Episode 506 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Consumed”, probably takes place before episode 505 and 503.  It takes place at the same time as 504, the Beth-spectacular Slabtown.  The opening to Consumed can be seen in the preview video, where Daryl and Carol are driving after the car with a white cross on the back.  They know the people in the car took Beth and they are both wondering where Beth is.


This episode focuses around Carol and Daryl as they track the car across country.  They go through a town and leave their car when the others stop for supplies.  Carol can be seen aiming her gun from an upstairs window in the UK preview, probably scouting out the hospital thugs.  They don’t have Beth, which is why Carol doesn’t shoot them.

wdead22Apparently, everyone crosses a bridge at one point, which may or may not be booby-trapped.  It might be that the hospital crew realize Daryl and Carol are trailing them, or Daryl and Carol’s car hits a boobytrap.  Either way, this is where Carol is injured and taken by the hospital baddies.  She shows up in episode 505, which takes place after this episode.  As for Daryl, he falls off the bridge and is saved by Noah.  They both go back to Rick’s camp.  The end of the episode is the end of episode 504, except with the Noah reveal.

So Beth is safe for another episode.  The most controversial thing about the preview is that Daryl can be seen carrying a small person with blonde hair.  This looks like Beth at first glance, but the person seems too small to actually be Beth’s size.  It is not Beth, but a small child Carol and Daryl bury in the middle of the episode.

The guests on this week’s The Talking Dead are Alanna Masterson (Tara), Tyler James Williams (Noah), and CM Punk.  I’m not sure why Tara is on the show, but you can probably guess why Noah appears.  Part of the episode might take place back at the church camp, which is why Tara appears in the episode.