The Walking Dead Review – Consumed with Carol and Daryl

wdead26Flashbacks have been used repeatedly in season 5 of The Walking Dead and “Consumed” was no different.  I was actually surprised the episode began this way, although it was pretty effective in spotlighting our Carol for this episode.  The flashbacks from last week did the same thing for Abraham, but this time around it’s Carol’s turn to sob and look emotional.  

It’s interesting how they sprinkle in character background stuff throughout the environment.  Carol and Daryl explore and stay in a shelter she was familiar with from her past.  It was a good place for her to open up to the most considerate guy in the whole show.  They were seriously pushing Daryl’s character as a lovable protector in this episode.

wdead25Carol and Daryl lose the white cross car early on and from there, they wander around until they locate something from a window.  They could have just gone to get Beth by themselves, but they knew they were pretty much outnumbered and didn’t have the resources.  I wonder why they didn’t go back to Rick and the group after Noah robs them.  I guess they’re both too stubborn.

Carol and Daryl kill walkers, get robbed, and literally jump/fall from a bridge.  I didn’t notice the pace dragging at all, unlike last week.  Maybe it was because the episode seemed smaller.  In any case, it was over fast, like a car accident, no pun intended.  Well, maybe a little bit intended.

wdead27It’s kinda funny how they set up Daryl as this loyal guy who is really protective.   No wonder Daryl was so pissed off and angry at the end of episode 503 when he comes out of the woods.  Noah is the guy who stole their weapons and stopped him from running in to help Carol.  Like Daryl, I wouldn’t trust the guy anymore than I could throw him.   

All in all, this is a great episode.  I thought Tyler James Williams did a great job looking like a jerk, then turning everyone’s opinion around by becoming desperate and sad.  Once again, Norman Reedus carried the show all by himself.  Well, maybe Melissa McBride contributed a little using her ‘beaten-wife-survivor-starting-over’ schtick.  Anyway, they set up next week pretty well.  It should be pretty interesting when Rick and the group dropkick these hospital guys back to the stone age.