The Walking Dead Predictions – Crossed ep 507

wdead16This week on The Walking Dead, we get time with all our survivors as this episode sets up for the midseason finale.  This has me dreading an hour-long snoozefest of filler, but hopefully there’s some good drama and action.  Don’t get your hopes up anything will be resolved though, because it looks like this hospital confrontation is going to be slowly dragged out. 

As we saw last week, Beth and Carol are both at the hospital now.  Carol is in bad condition, and Dawn the Witch forces Beth to turn off her life-support.  Fortunately, Beth double-crosses Dawn the Witch at the last moment and turns it back on, saving Carol’s life.  There could be some big consequences for Beth in this episode.  The Beth versus Dawn confrontation could end in a cliffhanger, which will be resolved next week in the finale.

wdead503aDaryl arrives with Noah and recruits Rick and the group.  They discuss how to rescue Carol and Beth.  Noah briefs them on the hospital and they come up with two plans of rescue.  They settle on one after a heated argument.  Daryl is the deciding factor and picks the wrong plan.

As Rick leads everybody to the hospital, Father Gabriel, Carl and Michonne stay behind to reinforce the Church, their new headquarters.  Carl lectures Father Gabriel about protecting himself, but Gabriel just can’t pick up a gun.  He might reveal why his church was defaced and why he is so afraid.  This could be the most interesting part of the episode, but heavily depends on how well Carl can act.  Hopefully, Michonne will jump in there to help out.  

Someone asked me why this episode was called “Crossed”.  That word certainly has a lot of connotations and could be explained a number of ways, from literal explanations about the white crossed cars to more abstract concepts about characters crossing each other.  

Abraham gets some more flashbacks in this episode, surrounding Rosita this time.  Their relationship is fleshed out for the first time, but we do get a little time with them in the present.  Rosita is the guest on the Talking Dead this week, so I think we will get her reaction to what happened in this episode with her character.  Maggie reportedly has a good moment too.  Hopefully, there will be time for all of this!!