The Walking Dead Review – Crossed

wdead18The season five opener to The Walking Dead set the bar really high, and this episode did not even come close to that standard. I was afraid that “Crossed” was going to be a filler episode, and guess what?  It’s a filler episode.  Nothing substantial happened.  Abraham is still freaked out and kneeling on the road just like last week. Beth is still fighting with the hospital crew, just like last week.  Thankfully, Daryl is still mister cool, just like every week.  

I’m not sure why this show’s pace slows down to a crawl when approaching a milestone event.  I guess it makes sense, since they’ve got a good storyline and a good cast, so they’re not relishing the end, when they blow everything up and write a whole new storyline.  I guess what I’m saying is that “Crossed” could have been more, but it was only what it needed to be.  

The main storyline of the hospital inched forward, and we got fed small updates on the rest of the survivors.  Rick seems to be having trouble dealing with the liberals in his group, who didn’t want to go to the hospital guns blazing.  Rick just stands there with a stupid look on his face.  This is the same guy who flipped his lid after Shane died and said there was no more democracy.  What happened to that guy?  I guess he became more easy-going or something.

Captain Easy-Going and the rest of the group capture some hospital crew, so we can set up next week.  The foreshadowing is laid on really thick.  Sasha gets whapped upside the head, then her hospital prisoner runs off, so they can telegraph what happens next.  Can you guess?  Is it obvious yet?  That’s right, the guy goes to the hospital and warns everybody.  Therefore, we get two tense groups ready to fight each other.  It’s not a surprise attack, as in Rick’s plan, and I will be surprised if someone doesn’t get shot.

wdead19I almost missed Eugene running off in the middle of the episode.  I think that’s what happened, didn’t it?  I guess he’s off the show for a while, because his storyline is pretty much over.  By the time he gets back, Abraham will still be angry and pissed off, anyway.  


Based on the rumors, Daryl had a hard time filming the midseason finale and had some emotional scenes.  The death of Beth is a pretty safe prediction in my book, but I guess Carol could die instead, and that would still have the same effect on Daryl.  I’m guessing some or all of the hospital crew also die, as they go out guns blazing.  Of the hospital crew, Noah and the Doctor probably have the best chance of making it out alive, though it’s hard to say.  

All in all, “Crossed” was okay, but I thought it could have been more.  I guess we’ll have to wait one more week for that action-packed payoff we’ve been waiting for, but at least Crossed set the table before dinner.  Hopefully, there will be a little dessert.  I don’t understand that analogy, lol.