Top Ten Plot Holes in Movies


Plot holes happen all the time.  These are just some of them that I’ve noticed recently.  These are the ones that stick in my craw and make me wonder how I could explain them:


10.  The Dark Knight Rises – How does Bruce Wayne travel from Europe to Gotham without money?  Okay, so he’s stuck in a hole forever, retrains to be Batman from scratch and just climbs out.  I get that, but the next scene after he escapes is Bruce in Gotham.  How did he do that?  What’s the passage of time?  It’s never explained, and is a very comic book plot hole.

9.  Star Wars – How does Darth Vader not sense Princess Leia is his daughter?  I think Darth Vader may have sensed something strange in Leia when they meet again in Empire Strikes Back, when Han is put in the deep-freeze.  However, Vader never shows any sign.  He meets her over and over, and only understands in Return of the Jedi, when he senses the truth in Luke, not Leia.  This really doesn’t make sense and is a little confusing.

8.  Lord of the Rings – Why didn’t they use the Eagles to fly the Ring to Mordor?  About the biggest contrivance in the whole trilogy.  I’m sure this can be explained with endless dogma and Tolkien jargon, but it simply doesn’t make sense, when the Eagles show up in many other spots when convenient.

7.  Pacific Rim – Why didn’t Charlie use the sword earlier?  The super-sword is a pretty good weapon.  Too bad it isn’t used until the movie says so.  

6.  Looper –  They kill some Chinese woman recklessly when the whole point is to not do that.  This movie has more holes than my winter jacket.

5.  X-Men Days of Future Past – Another time travel movie with many plot holes and plot conveniences.  Why doesn’t Mystique fight as a seven foot tall wrestler?  She’s a shapeshifter, right?  Why didn’t the USA use the Sentinels overseas in a war?  Why does Trask have people arrest Mystique when he has no authority?  How does Quicksilver listen to the whole song “Time in a Bottle” in under a second?

4.  Watchmen – Why does everyone like the new ending?  In the graphic novel, Ozymandias invents a giant alien squid to attack New York, thereby uniting all of Earth against a common threat.  The squid was changed in the movie to Dr. Manhattan, who blows everything up.  Unfortunately, this can’t work.  Dr. Manhattan lives and works in the USA.  He’s fought in Vietnam on the side of the Americans, so there’s no way in hell the Russians would join the USA immediately after one of their old foes goes rogue.  I think the Russians would be happy and might think the USA got what was coming to them.

3.  Star Trek Into Darkness – All the Starfleet leaders gather for a big meeting after a terrorist attack in London.  Khan uses that convenience to wipe them out.  Unfortunately, I can’t see this happening if anyone is even close to being smart.  You’d think there would be a security alert in place after a major attack, or a no-fly zone like in Washington DC.  Something.  Anything.  Khan just flies in like he owns the place.  Too convenient.

2.  Tron Legacy – Clue’s plan is never actually explained.  Yeah, he wants to take over the real world, but how?  With his soldiers from the computer world?  Will they become real soldiers in our world?  What about the tanks?  Will they shoot lasers in the real world?   How will it all be done?  It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

1.  Terminator 2 – They throw everything including Arnold into the lava at the end, but forgot about his severed arm that the T-1000 cut off. Kinda weird when you think about it.  Good thing it doesn’t ruin the movie for me.

Honorable Mention:  The virus in Independence Day that Will Smith “downloads” into the alien ship is a major contrivance, convenience, and pretty stupid.