Star Wars Episode VII trailer – what you missed

 The Episode VII trailer was pretty good, and it provides a lot of general information about what we can expect from this movie.  I’m trying not to make too many assumptions, but I sat down with the trailer and thought about the concept art, the overall story, and the cast, then I drew some conclusions.

starwars1The trailer opens with a shot of Tatooine, which appears as a major environment in the movie.  This was already rumored before the trailer arrived and it is no surprise to me.  John Boyega pops up next, and it looks to me like he’s been the victim of a crash.  Some of the concept art I’ve seen features a downed TIE fighter, so I think it’s safe to go with the assumption that John Boyega’s character is stranded or alone on the planet Tatooine.  Maybe he runs into Daisy Ridley.

starwars2The next shot is of a wheelie robot, which is not much of a practical droid.  It could be a “pet” type character, and it looks as if it knows the terrain.  In the background of this shot, you can see a lot of junk, including old pod racers.  There’s not much information in this part of the trailer, but it looks like the outlying parts of the planet, not the city.  It could be a scrapyard or farm.  

starwars3The next very brief snippet is an interior shot of some Stormtroopers readying themselves to disembark.  This seems to be just prior to a battle or investigation on their part, because they are landing on a planet.  From the look of the Stormtroopers, they are well-equipped soldiers, but whether they are loyal to the Empire is not clear.  Given the fact that there is a TIE fighter shooting at the Millennium Falcon at the end, I guess it’s safe to assume parts of the Empire are still around.  

starwars5Daisey Ridley is shown next, and she looks at home on Tatooine.  She is in a hurry and hops on her industrial-sized speeder to get away.  It could be that she is a smuggler or is helping out someone she shouldn’t.  The rumors are that she is the next Jedi in the movie, but we can’t tell that from the trailer.  She’s just a young woman and quite independent.  Max Von Sydow’s character is rumored to be her mentor, but I don’t see it.  Max Von Sydow is your perfect villain.

starwars6Oscar Isaac flies an X-Wing and we can see him skim the surface of a lake with his buddies.  They’re readying for combat, as Isaac flips some switches and does some preparations, like Luke did in the original.  He is part of the Republic and wears the colors of the Rebels.  The faction colors haven’t changed much, if his helmet is any indication.  I think he might be on Yavin or Endor, although that is only guessing on my part.  He looks like your standard Rebel pilot, although with a different helmet.  

starwars8The mysterious black figure at the end is a Sith of some kind.  He wields a strange light-saber and seems to be stalking along the ground, suddenly becoming aware of danger nearby.  The figure is probably Adam Driver or Andy Serkis, as the man looks a little too spry for Max Von Sydow.  Most rumors have concluded that the figure is Adam Driver.  

starwars9The trailer ends with the Millennium Falcon dodging some shots from two TIE fighters.  The ship looks quite a bit different from the original trilogy.  Although it was clipped off in Return of the Jedi, it is missing its radar dish, and the engines look a little different.  It may have been given an upgrade, as is rumored.  It could be that the Falcon shoots down John Boyega and that’s why he’s stranded.  

We can see that Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are the main characters and have big roles.  Ridley seems like an independent woman and Boyega looks like his character is in for a big change.  Other than that, I guess we’ll have to wait for more information.