Top Ten most anticipated movies of 2015?

Do I have enough top ten lists on this site?  I don’t think so, cause here’s one more for ya.  I was watching trailers the other day cause I was bored and got to thinking about all the great movies coming out in 2015.  I think this year movie returns were down, but 2015 should more than make up for it.  Do you feel the same?  Considering the superhero golden age and the new science fiction outpouring, are we entering a new golden age?  If nothing else, it’s going to be a good time.

10.  Terminator Genisys – First of all, I hate movies that add a stupid ‘y’ where an ‘i’ should be.  Beyond that, the trailer for this movie looked god-awful to me.  What’s with all the one-liners?  How many can they squeeze in?  What’s with Arnold dive-bombing a helicopter?  He’s not a missile.  Maybe he thinks he is.  Anyway, I guess I’ll see this and get it over with.  Everyone else is.

9.  Ant-Man – This one should be interesting.  It’ll make money because it’s Marvel, but the quality might be lackluster.  That’s my prediction, anyway.  Nothing with so many re-writes is a classic.  Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas usually do a good job, so there is an upside and this one could surprise me. Where’s the trailer?  We already got a Terminator one.

8.  Pan – Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried star in this, which is an unusual combination because I can’t remember those two in anything else together.  The script has also been around since 2004, which is a long time for this one to sit and stew.  I wonder why.  They better hit it out of the park because there’s plenty of Peter Pan movies to watch.

7.  The Fantastic Four – The latest rumor is that this movie is going to be cancelled.  I really don’t think so, but it’s going to bomb.  It makes my list because I want to see how bad it is on screen.  Maybe it’ll be okay.  Probably not.

movies46.  Everest – This is the next Jake Gyllenhaal movie and it’s a suspenseful disaster thriller.   Or something.  It’s based on real life events.  It also has Keira Knightly.  What’s she been in lately?  She was in that mediocre Jack Ryan movie.  She’s been dumped into the supporting cast once again and she plays a pregnant wife this time.  It could be bad, but the suspense and the setting is what is going to sell this movie.  Gimmie something unique.  I think this one does it.

5.  Chappie – I don’t know why I don’t have this higher, because this could be a great modern allegory, metaphorical movie or whatever.  It’s about artificial intelligence, and follows the development of a sentient robot.  I’m guessing the biggest question the movie will ask will be: Does a robot have feelings?  He is kidnapped by a gang of rappers, so I’m not sure how this whole thing is going to come together.  Will it be a comedy like Short Circuit?  Remember that movie?  Will have some funny stuff and throw in sad stuff at the end, like a Robin Williams movie?  I’m willing to take a chance on this movie because of its concept.  Come on, allegory for the win!!!  

4.  Jurassic World – This is finally the unique take on the concept we’ve been waiting for.  The other sequels to Jurassic Park were not that good in my opinion, so this one better make up for it.  The plot is sorta predictable though.  You’ve seen it all before: Some scientists go to study dinosaurs and some of them get loose.  Big whoop.  I guess maybe I’m not as hyped as I thought.  

3.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Are we spoiled with all these superhero movies?  I think we might be, but it’s still not going to matter, because this movie is going to destroy the record of all the other superhero movies that came before, including the original and The Dark Knight.  However, it does have competition a few weeks later when Mad Max comes out.

movies32.  Mad Max: Fury Road – I only rate this one higher because I love this series.  It’s probably more of the same from the Avengers.  Fury Road is something of a treat.  It has the car.  It has the desert landscape.  It has explosions and car chases.  Tom Hardy doesn’t have a lot of lines.  How could it be better?  Mad Max probably has more opportunity to fail than most movies on this list, but I don’t care, I’m there opening day.  Of course, I’m there opening day for Avengers too, so I guess I shoulda made this one a tie.

1.  Star Wars, The Force Wakes Up – This has to be number one.  Was there even a question?  I might take a day off to see it.  Maybe they should declare a holiday.  I know I’m going to be smiling when that John Williams music soars to life and they fade in on something familiar.  It’s going to be an event, that’s for sure.