Why do we like James Bond’s car so much?


This is the DB10

Talk about hoopla, I was surprised and blown away at the latest James Bond reveal.  Not only did they reveal the James Bond movie title about a week ago, they unveiled the latest James Bond car.  The movie producers showed the upcoming Aston Martin to appear in the movie, the DB10.  This got me thinking about James Bond cars featured in the movies over the years.  Why do people go nuts over the cars?  It’s just a hunk of metal, right?  Maybe he should drive a Fiat.  Just kidding.

James Bond exudes charisma and his car mimics his personality.  He’s a cool guy.  He is a slick customer.  The car completes the package.  I think this started in Goldfinger, where Sean Connery appeared with the DB5, the most iconic James Bond car ever.  It has reappeared over the years, and I gave a cheer when Daniel Craig pulled it out of mothballs in Skyfall.  The DB5 is James Bond personified.  


Daniel Craig and the DBS

Aston Martin modernized the James Bond car for Casino Royale and produced the DBS.  It’s a slick car and looks very modern.  The sequence where the DBS almost hits Eva Green was filmed on a speed track and I can see why.  This car is out of control at about 510 horsepower and has a V12 engine.

Similar to the DBS used in Casino Royale, Aston Martin built the DB10 in honor of their 50 year relationship with James Bond.  The specs are hush-hush as of this moment, but at the showing, it looked like it was made of carbon fiber and painted a matte aluminum.  Aston Martin has an agreement to produce the 4 liter V8 Daimler engine and they might use that one in the DB10.  It’s expected to produce in excess of 500 horsepower.  Look out, is all I have to say about that.  Rumors are that they might use the V12 and chasis from the DB9 for stunt cars when they need the extra horsepower.  


Lotus Espirit underwater

In comparison, the Lotus ESpirit used by Roger Moore in 1976 had 160 horsepower.  It’s a dinky car in comparison to the DBS, DB9 or DB10.  It is a nice looking car though and really memorable.  It is still remembered today by most James Bond enthusiasts as one of the best Bond cars, mostly because of the underwater sequence.

Speaking of engines, the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish tops out at 565 horsepower.  The 2005 version featured a little less at 460.  It was used as the invisible car in Die Another Day.  That was a bad movie, but the car was pretty awesome.  It has a similar chassis to the DBS and was one of the first I’ve seen James Bond drive made of carbon fiber.  Pretty snazzy.


Pierce Brosnan and the V12 Vanquish

I’m always on the lookout for what kind of cars appear in action movies.  “What kind of car is that?” is my most common saying.  There were tons and tons of Volkswagens in Skyfall, and a lot of Land Rovers.  Eve Moneypenny drives a nice-looking Range Rover on her way to shoot James Bond.  It’s a good sequence and James Bond isn’t even driving.  

  I’m looking forward to the DB10.  I don’t know about that paint job though.  Is that finish aluminum?  I don’t get it.  Even the DB5 was a glossy metallic.  Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out, because I guess this means there’s going to be a chase sequence in the movie.  I suppose it wouldn’t be Bond without it.


Sean Connery and the DB5