What is Marvel’s Civil War?

marvel1Civil War is a Marvel Comics storyline and event that was published in 2006-07.  I think it was the first comic to get big mainstream attention since the death of Superman.  It happened at a time when the government was becoming concerned about “weapons of mass destruction”, and so the storyline used that headline as an inspiration for its story.  The government in the Marvel Universe passed a law requiring “superheroes” to register, thereby forcing heroes to reveal their identities and secret lives.  In a basic dilemma over freedoms and security, Captain America takes the anti-government position surprisingly, and begins a conflict against Tony Stark.

This is the kind of real world story you’d never find in DC Comics.  Marvel has always been based in reality and more down-to-Earth than DC Comics.  Spider-Man is the most classic example of this, and was created for the sole purpose of showing the Marvel Comics philosophy, that a guy can have real problems, but have a fantastic secret identity too.

I think we saw a little “government involvement” in Iron Man, such as where Tony Stark was called before Congress to answer for the destruction of “suits” like his.  In response, he blows them off.  SHIELD also represents an element of reality in the Marvel movie universe, such as in the Captain America sequel, an even bigger hit than the original.  Just shows you how much people like the grounded characters and stories.

The “Civil War” storyline has been confirmed for Captain America 3 for a while now.  As the poster of innocence, Marvel has been negotiating or was negotiating with Sony for Spider-Man to appear in the Civil War movie, but I think it went nowhere.  There hasn’t been any real news about this, just rumors.   Spider-Man has never made less than 700 million at the movies, so I can’t see Sony giving up control any time soon, but I just wonder why Sony is complaining about such a huge box office.  Maybe they don’t know where to go with the character, or it wasn’t the billion dollar bonanza Avengers was.  Either way, it doesn’t look like Spider-Man is appearing in Captain America 3.  

marvel2I’m guessing Marvel is still going ahead with the Civil War storyline even without Spider-Man, though it would be nice to have him there to represent family and doing-whats-right.  I’m guessing Avengers 2 might decide the alike philosophies in preperation for Civil War, where Tony Stark and Captain America end up in another big argument.  Again.  I really thought the next big storyline was Thanos related, but I guess not.  They’ve been building Thanos forever, but maybe he’s the next Guardians of the Galaxy villain instead while we wait for Avengers 3.  As revealed at the Phase 3 press conference, Thanos will be the star villain of Avengers 3: Infinity War due out in May 2018 AFTER Avengers 2 and some related movies.  It’s crazy they’ve planned out that far ahead.

What are your unanswered questions about the Marvel movie universe?  Mine are:

10.  Will there be any new Guardians of the Galaxy characters?  I’m guessing yes.

9.  What will Thor do in his next movie?  Will it be about Ragnarok?

8.  Will Agents of SHIELD be canceled any time soon?  I’m guessing no.

7.  What will it take for Ant-Man to succeed?  A little bit of the Guardians of the Galaxy flavor.

6.  Will Thanos make an appearance in Avengers 2?  I’m guessing yes, but it’s a longshot.

5.  How bad do you want Doctor Strange to succeed? I hope this movie is the best Marvel movie ever, cause I love that character.

4.  Will anyone die in Avengers 2 or Phase 3?  I’m guessing yes, so somebody can bow out and stop acting so much.

3.  Will Captain America die?  I’m guessing yes, since that’s the shocking part of Civil War.

2.  Will Sony reboot Spider-Man again?  I’m guessing yes, unfortunately.

1.  Will there ever be an Iron Man 4?  I’m guessing no.