American Sniper Hype

sniper1I trust in Clint Eastwood to give me a good movie going experience and I am getting hyped for American Sniper, opening January 16th.  This movie is not a summer blockbuster, and in January, there’s not a lot of expectations.  I think American Sniper can clean up at the box office.  There’s literally nothing playing right now that isn’t a few weeks old and there’s nothing coming up either.  It’s pretty much this movie’s weekend to win, if it can do it.

On the positive side, I think the trailers have helped this movie.  The first one was good, but the one recently that’s been running all the dang time has been excellent.  We can see he’s a sniper.  We can see he misses his wife and is in a very dangerous situation.  We can see him sacrifice a lot and break down.  It’s something of an emotional trip.  That’s good.  I like that.  The characters seem solid and the drama seems even better.

On the negative side, it’s a war movie in January with this guy from The Hangover.  I hate The Hangover. One of the trailers also showed him in bar pretty much AWOL from his unit, which doesn’t make him out to be the best guy.    I think the first trailer of him having to decide whether to shoot a kid or not showed more about him than the bar scene.  The drinking in a bar is a stupid scene for a trailer.   Other than Bradley Cooper, I hope the supporting cast is good, but nobody was in the trailer but his wife, played by Sienna Miller. She was sobbing.  He was sobbing.  I hope they don’t go overboard with the melodrama.

To be honest, I think there’s more positives than negatives for this movie.  It has a great premise, and I think the war veteran angle appeals to a lot of people.  A guy getting himself almost blown up and trying to recover is a great storyline.  If the movie can pull it off with some character development and good dialogue, I think this one will do well.  I’m going to see it opening weekend.  Are you?