Joss Whedon gives away Avengers 2?

avengers8Back in December, Joss Whedon gave a lengthy interview to Fandango, where he outlined the themes and the premise of Avengers: Age of Ultron, secretly giving a lot of it away, in my opinion.  The themes are what Joss Whedon built his movie on, and this seems to be what the whole movie is about.  On the most simple level, Whedon is taking a deeper look at the characters, and their motivations.

Whedon:  ‘Strong but damaged by power’ describes every person in this movie. It may, in fact, describe what the movie is about. You know, the more power that we have, the less human we are.

This quote is very insightful into the direction of the movie.  It may as well describe all of the characters as the movie opens, with the rest of the running time devoted to “learning to be more human” or maybe “responsible Superheroes R’ Us”.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man – This guy probably embodies the theme of the movie the most.  He’s the top businessman of the group and has the most tech-toys.  At the beginning of the movie, he’s implementing a multi-suit scenario a la Iron Man 3, except with drones guided by the wonderful JARVIS and the voice of Paul Pettany.

The Hulk aka Bruce Banner – Bruce Banner is now a big contributor to Tony Stark’s scientific escapades.  He’s no longer a man on the run.  He lives in Stark Tower.  He has a big time scientific job.  Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t trust Banner, which is evident from the Hulkbuster armor.  He may have taken some of his blood as well, which is what Ultron gets his hands on later. He is able to infect The Hulk and there’s a driving confrontation between Bruce Banner and The Hulk.  It may be that Ultron operates on Bruce Banner or infects him, destroying Bruce’s control over him.  

The Black Widow – Natasha has run away from her great power and now she’s part of a big group with even bigger power.  She may have her background come back around to bite her, and Ultron could leak her past to the US government or something, as he becomes king of the web.  This might lead to all kinds of conflict with the different characters, such as Hawkeye, who is captain spy, the biggest SHIELD agent.

Captain America – As much as I hate to say it, Captain America is probably now part of the system.  He’s saved Washington DC, and now shakes hands with Presidents, runs an intel group, and covertly takes out terrorists.  He’s a big American weapon.  His abuse of power is not questioning that system.  He lets Tony take over American security and stands by at every opportunity.  He might as well be a ‘yes man’.  Pretty stupid.

Thor – Once again we’re going to see a “few disputes with certain people”, according to Hemsworth.  This could be over women, again according to Hemsworth, but simply might be differences of some other kind.  He probably is mentally attacked at some point and his anger is exploited by The Scarlet Witch, or Ultron himself.  Maybe the blonde bimbo he is dating at the beginning of the movie is really an Ultron-bot, who destroys his new sportscar.  Anger ensues?

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver – These two join up with Ultron because they see the abuse of power from all of the above Avengers.  They’re the opposite of the Avengers, they’re the Masters of Evil, bent on bringing down the system.