I watched 12 Monkeys the third episode

monkeys13They must have been reading my previous review, because all the things I said needed improving in 12 Monkeys have come back to be a strength in the third episode.  There’s more dialogue between the characters, and more development.  The conflict and the drama is at a high, and best of all, the gorgeous Amanda Schull is in almost every scene.  

Cole is still after the location of the “Night Room”, a place where deadly viruses are kept, one of which causes the future pandemic.  He learns that Dr. Anri who worked in Haiti knows where it is, but Cassandra is there too, so he can’t just waltz into the joint and ask a whole bunch of question or he’ll screw up his future.  The time travel exposition is a little hard to follow, but I think everything comes together nicely.

Cole travels back before he met Cassandra and finds Dr. Anri in Haiti, but discovers The Slender Man is out to get him.  That’s right, Tom Noonan is back for a brief cameo, and to look threatening, as the enforcer of the army of the 12 monkeys.  Cole saves Dr. Anri from The Slender Man, but ends up shooting him anyway, which I didn’t get.  Why does Cole kill Dr. Anri?  Because The Slender Man shot him originally?  I guess he didn’t want to screw up the future, or maybe he’s really jealous, because Dr. Anri spent the night with Cassandra.

monkeys14We also get more time with Kirk Acevado, but he doesn’t do any time travel like Cole.  He goes out on patrol and we learn about his background.  Apparently he and Cole are from a group of survivors which have become militant jerks.  One of them tries to befriend Kirk and learn the location of the time lab, but Kirk smartly turns her away, even though she’s hot.  Strong man.

monkeys16It looks like we’re going to have conflict coming out of our ears, because the hot chick reports their location to the jerks, prepping them for an attack.  And don’t forget, Cole returns to the future and reports that he knows where the Night Room is.  It’ll be kinda be a problem if the attack disrupts his time travel.  I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what happens.

All in all, this is another solid episode, with more strengths than episode two.  Amanda Schull is given a huge amount of screentime, as she spends time with Cole, and we flashback a year to her work in Haiti.  I think Cole himself gets the least amount of screentime this time around, but that’s okay because the drama, the conflict, and the story are all very compelling.  It’s a little heavy on the exposition, and the time travel stuff, but that’s okay for me, because I watched the first two anyway and can follow it just fine.  Unfortunately, the ratings are going down, but I’m not sure why, because this is the most underrated series on television.