Walking Dead Rumors: Who are the Wolves?

The graffiti in Noah’s neighborhood provided some foreshadowing of things to come on The Walking Dead.  In the episode, some graffiti on a wall said “Wolves Not Far”.  Are these literal wolves we’re talking about here?  Or are they the group of people who ransacked Noah’s neighborhood?  I’ll tell you this much: the graffiti wasn’t painted by any animal, that’s for sure.  

Later on in the episode, we see some armless and body-less zombies flop out of the back of a truck.  How’d they get there?  Why are they like that?  Could this band of “Wolves” really be the “Whisperers”, a crazy group of survivors from the comics?

In the comics, the “Whisperers” first appeared in issue 130, and wore the blood and remains of the dead in order to live among them.  They were really crazy.  Later in the episode, you can see the letter “W” carved into the forehead of one of the zombie heads.  Clearly, crazy people must have done that.  I think the Whisperers are likely to appear soon, and threaten the group.  They must have chopped up the zombies to wear their guts, like they’ve done in the comics.  Then again, it could just be crazy people.