The Walking Dead and 12 Monkeys Season Ratings

The Walking Dead is a genre show you’d think would have trouble succeeding, but it has elements of survivalist shows and the action genre which make it very appealing.  The pace is often very fast, and there isn’t a status quo for very long.  I think the longest plot thread used on the show so far is either the Sophia thing or the search for Washington. 

The ratings for season 5 are following a similar thread to the previous season.  Overall, they’re up quite a bit versus what has come before, but usually a dip in ratings occurs from episode 3 to 7 over a 16 episode season.  This season, a dip hasn’t happened and there have been more stable ratings.  

Last season, the season low was episode 7, which is a confusing flashback episode of how The Governor joined a camp of survivors.  Very little is updated on the Prison group, who just sit in limbo.  The viewers were also sitting in limbo waiting for The Governor to confront the Prison group, which happened in the next episode.  As such, the ratings went up.  There’s been no such stalling in season 5, which I think has better writing overall.



As for 12 Monkeys, the genre of the show is taking its toll, and the ratings are as shaky as some other time travel shows that have come before.  I can remember Quantum Leap having trouble keeping its audience from week to week back in the day, despite the show having great writing like 12 Monkeys.  Doctor Who also has a lot of time travel, but that has a huge fan following, while 12 Monkeys does not.  ABC’s Lost has a strange premise like 12 Monkeys, but was way more successful in the ratings, maybe because it was on a mainstream network.  12 Monkeys itself seems “lost” among other TV shows, and has a bad timeslot.

The ratings for 12 Monkeys have not been good after the pilot.  There has been a slow decline in the viewership, as the show moves around sporadically with its plot.  There has been more action lately, but the show took a tumble after episode 3, losing 25 percent of its viewship.  Episode 3 is the Haiti episode which had a lot of confusing time travel elements, but the drama and the tension were great.  Hopefully, this show can translate some of those great things into ratings.


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