Hunger + Heat + Exhaustion = The Walking Dead’s status quo

walking15On the most epic 60 mile walk ever, Rick’s group of survivors are barely hanging on.  Here they are, sweating like pigs and starving, feeling sorry for themselves, which seems to be the new status quo, with some quick editing thrown in.  Everybody is depressed, and this episode is pretty mellow overall, with the angst turned up on high.  This is the only show that could get high ratings when Daryl stares at a cigarette for two minutes, but that’s how this episode shows emotion, which is good and bad.  It is good because it’s a character moment when Daryl stares at a barn and smokes for two minutes.  It’s bad because it contrasts most other episodes.

walking13This episode piles on the small character moments.  Daryl sits in the woods and reminds himself of season 4, episode 12.  He sees a barn in the distance, which looked to me like the cabin he burned down with his pal, Beth.  Speaking of pals, the group’s new pal is an unseen and unknown person, and the group doesn’t trust the stupid little notes for a second.  Did you notice Abraham protecting Eugene like he used to?  

The new philosophical Rick gives new meaning to the show’s title.  He encourages them to keep going no matter what, because they’re out to survive, just like the zombies.  They have to eat and survive, so they are the walking dead pretty much.  

A large amount of doubt passes over the group, probably with Sasha leading the way, but she comes around and Maggie makes her feel better, I think.  The highlight of this episode is Rick’s story at the fire, although Daryl clearly doesn’t like analogies by saying “We aren’t them, bub”.  I think he finally faces reality right there by demanding they be human, not hide their emotions like he’s been doing. Despite Daryl’s criticism, I like Rick’s story, because he’s finally shown some emotion.   I can’t remember the last time Rick told a story, if ever.

We do what we need to do, and then we get to live. No matter what we find in D.C., I know we’ll be okay. This is how we survive: We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead.”

Overall, this was a depressingly slow episode.  Not much happened.  I think they tacked on Aaron at the end there because they need some new conflict, because it’s obvious there’s not much going on in the group as a whole.   Aaron is a member of the Alexandria safe-zone in the comcis, but who knows if they change that on the tv show.  I’m guessing they won’t.

Did we find out who the wolves were in this episode?  If we did, they were really dogs and they got eaten.  So much for them.

There are six episodes left in the season and I think we’re going to see Alexandria before the season finale.  I thought they might save the group’s arrival in Washington for the last episode, but unless they’re changing Aaron’s affiliation, it’s coming sooner rather than later.