The Walking Dead spoilers and it’s trouble for Glenn

glenn1This is not just me shuffling through internet junk, because I have some information about the future of Glenn from a local source.  It seems as if they are having many stars from The Walking Dead at the Motor City Comic Con in Michigan this May 2015, long after The Walking Dead wraps up for the season.  I personally go to this local comic book convention every year, and see the media stars, most of whom have gigantic openings in their schedule.

Hershel and Shane appeared at last year’s comic con, along with other stars from the show who have gone on to other things.  I don’t think the Motor City Comic Con has the big bucks or the pull to get current stars like Rick or Daryl.  It stands to reason that Glenn might appear at the comic con if he had an opening in his schedule and wanted to appear with others who have been retired on the show, namely Beth and Bob, who are both slated to appear for the two day event.  

I think this bit of local news is more interesting than thinking Glenn might die because he was holding a baseball bat in one of the recent episodes.  He’s free of his contract in May because his character is getting killed off, simple as that.  You’ll note that these names are big stars, but the Motor City Comic Con is not known for bringing in the top name celebrities like the San Diego Comic Con.  This is only a local show with some regional popularity, but might be able to afford Glenn if he weren’t under contract anymore. 

The only thing that might spoil my news is the fact that Glenn aka Steven Yeun is from Michigan.  He lived in Michigan for many years and went to college there (here).  He loves the Motor City Comic Con, so maybe he’s not taking a dirt nap after all!  Hard to say!   What do you think?