The Walking Dead are asked to join a community

walking22Asking ‘Crazy Rick’ to join your gated neighborhood is like sleeping with a tiger.  Crazy Rick punches Aaron in the face, throws his pictures on the ground, and threatens to kill him.  I’m not sure why Aaron is even bothering.  Aaron doesn’t really answer that question, but plays it like the community ‘needs’ people like they need their resources for survival.  Sounds like they are all terrible at resource management, I guess.  It seems to me that they don’t need anybody, much less a group led by Crazy Rick and Ninja Lady, so the premise of this episode is sorta suspect in my opinion.  Or maybe it’s the opposite: Alexandria is so inept and incapable that they need Crazy Rick.  I can’t decide which to believe.  The episode doesn’t tell us, which I guess is the point.

This episode’s themes grate and contrast the cynical world, and the hours and hours of television and movies I’ve watched, which have gotten more ‘dark’, with their twists and turns in order to be more ‘real’.  Even The Walking Dead itself is a literal dark drama masquerading as the latest trend, which makes me believe something bad is around every corner.  Did you have a bias toward Aaron like me?  Even now, do you believe Aaron?  Why does he want them to join his community so bad?  Why has he followed them and spied on them for so long?  These Alexandria guys must either be desperate or really obsessive-compulsive.  I don’t get it.

walking23We actually haven’t learned much about Aaron and Eric, though they seem like your typical good guys.  The characters in general contrast the cynical Rick, and we learn about how they think.  I think Crazy Rick is right to be cautious, but there’s nothing to be cautious about in this episode.  Aaron seems to be telling the truth and that’s it.  That’s all there is.  Is that disappointing?

walking24Michonne is actually the one who believes Aaron more than anyone, betraying her gritty, cold stereotype.  She comes off as genuine in this episode, although I’m not sure how she didn’t get into more of an argument with Crazy Rick. 

It’s a long distance for Rick to reach Michonne’s viewpoint, and I think he gets there at the end of the episode, giving us the most literal and obvious character development in history.

 I’d say the highlight was the initial confrontation between Aaron and Rick, which was spoiled in the teaser trailer for some stupid reason.  The best dialogue is in this scene, where Aaron talks to Rick about how many people are with him.  I don’t know why they put this scene in the trailer.  I guess the reason is because no other scene in the whole episode even comes close to the meaningful dialogue and character interaction in that scene.  The whole episode is blanketed with non-essential action, driving, zombie fighting, and bits of chit-chat, which is not as effective in trailers as long scenes of character drama.  I just wish they wouldn’t have spoiled that scene.  Overall, this was an okay episode, but it was a little too choppy for my taste.


1.  Aaron aka Ross Marquand’s acting

2.  The dialogue

3.  Michonne


1.  The premise of this episode

2.  The trailer spoiling the best scene

3.  I think they were trying to contrast the tone of the series by having nothing bad around the corner, but that is a little boring.