12 Monkeys – You are walking through a red forest…

monkeys33You are walking through a red forest, and come upon a television show that is really weird.  Actually, this episode of the 12 Monkeys on SyFy was a little less weird than the previous week, but that’s not saying much.  In addition to the time travel stuff and the drama, now Cole has to fix the future in this one, because he gets shifted to an alternate timeline.  We get to see different versions of the characters a la Star Trek.

There is more exposition in this episode, tied up as weird psychedelic visions by Dr Railly.  Some weirdos kidnap her and inject her with their weirdo drug, which makes her see weirdo things.  She starts to see The Red Forest, a stupid wood house, and The Witness, who has been built up as the Big Bad so far.  He’s a weirdo.

monkeys31Last week’s episode “The Night Room” looked to up the stakes and I thought they had destroyed the virus by the end of the episode, but apparently that wasn’t the case.  It’s still out there, which is pretty obvious, since the show has to continue.   Tricking us into thinking Cole might have destroyed the virus is a cheap ploy to get viewers, but this show needs all the cheap ploys it can get, I think.

monkeys40Amanda Schull has some decent screentime, but she’s not much more than a damsel-in-distress in this one.  Pretty embarrassing.  Cole teams up with her ex-boyfriend to save her from the 12 Monkeys.  She runs all over the place in her heels looking scared.  How about she saves Cole sometime?  How about that?

Overall, this episode had more of the same, and it’s purpose was to tease the Big Bad, which Cassie caught a glimpse of.  It was nothing spectacular, and didn’t even have much of the time complications as in last week.  They replaced that with psychedelic visions and silly poetry.  It was a decent episode at teasing the future, but it failed to really take the alternate timeline concept and run with it.  I mean, it was okay, even good in spots, but just needed something more. The best part was the one-eyed Ramsey, an alternate version Ramsey himself jokes about at the end of the episode. They’re actually improving this series quite a bit, and you can see they are having fun balancing the time travel and the emotional drama.  It’s just weird, which is interesting for me, but hasn’t caught on with the general public.