The Walking Dead – Episode 12 leaked

walk2This week’s episode entitled “Remember” features the group’s first days in Alexandria.  Spoilers have leaked online about the details surrounding this episode.  You can see some of these details in the three trailers released online, but none of them ultimately reveal what happens.

In one of the trailers, Carl can be seen climbing the stairs with a knife to inspect the upstairs part of a house.  He sees a door and hears a noise, which the trailer makes out to be a zombie.  This is not the case.  From the spoilers, we know that Carl doesn’t undercover anything.  He just discovers a hangout the teens of the town used.

Rick meets Alexandra, a single mother with a boy Carl’s age.  They apparently hit it off in the episode and she offers to cut his hair.  It may be that we see a clean-shaven Rick for the first time in a long time.

Daryl is seriously isolated in this episode.  You can see him sitting by himself on the porch of Rick’s new house.  When the safe-zone leaders assign “jobs”, Daryl is not given one for some reason.  He goes out hunting and skins a possum, even though he is offered food.

walk1Carol and Rick have a serious conversation about their future.  Carol claims that the group might get “weak” staying around town, with so many comforts.  Rick says that if the people in the safe-zone don’t make it, the group will take it.