Rick prepares to take over Leave it to Beaver town

walk3This week’s episode features the group’s first days in Alexandria, where foreshadowing comes in the form of hair-cuts.  The episode had a lot of tension and foreboding to it, in my opinion.  A LOT.  Every time Rick squinted at something, I was expecting the crapola to hit the fan.  And he squinted A LOT.  The huge change in locales seemed like a shock to each person in the group, especially Daryl, who thinks trusting the Leave it to Beaver crew is a bad idea.

Rick’s group is more backwoods experienced than anyone in Leave it to Beaver town will ever be.  Even Deanna the Congresswoman was at home in Leave it to Beaver, but I think part of it is an act.  There’s no way she could hold all these assholes together without some sort of iron fist, or threatening conspiracy.  

walk1The parts with Carl weren’t as annoying as I thought they were going to be.  He’s already angsting about a girl, but at least there’s a stupid sub-plot to follow instead of just a teen romance.  However, maybe the sub-plot is a little predictable, which I figure is either going to end up with Carl confronting the girl in the end.  She could be sneaking food out to somebody or scavenging for something.

The deaths of several of Alexandria’s jackasses is also fairly predictable.  There’s no way some of these guys are going to last very long tying up zombies or talking back to some of the psycho group.  And maybe Deanna might be okay with that, as she secretly uses Rick’s group to enforce her rules.  So at the end of the day, Rick’s group might be working for The Man without even realizing it.  They’ll take out the trash and Deanna won’t even have to lift a finger.

Overall, I liked this episode.  There was simply more meat to it, and it didn’t feel like a retread of the group wandering around for the upteenth time.  The highlight of this episode was Glenn’s confrontation with jackass #2 after a failed “run”.   Of course, the episode was more exposition and building, but I think they’ve got it all out of the way in one episode, which is good because it’ll be interesting to see the downward slide.  In the end, I think the group is gonna be stuck with these jerks who are going to drag them down when reality really hits home for Leave it to Beaver.


The GOOD: Daryl’s acting

The BAD:  Carol’s stupid sweater.