Top Ten Leonard Nimoy Moments

My top ten Leonard Nimoy moments are my best memories of Leonard Nimoy, but I think they’re all great moments in their own right.  Read on to see if you agree.

10.  Director – Not many people remember Leonard Nimoy for his directing.  He directed Star Trek III & IV, as well as other movies, like Three Men & a Baby.  All of these were successful.  I wonder why he didn’t stick with it, but maybe he didn’t like the politics of the job, or the constant stress.  

9.  Transformers and the kids – I remember Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Galvatron, which I had really no clue about as a kid seeing this movie for the first time.  He does a great job as the badass villain, and I think he had so much fun that he later returned to Transformers under JJ Abrams.  I think that shows you just how dedicated and professional the guy is.  I’m sure it took a LOT more work to do voice work for a live action movie under a big budget studio, which was a long way from an animated flick that made only 5 million total at the box office.  I’ve seen his work on other kid-friendly projects, and low-budget stuff that a lot of kids loved.  I think that’s great.  Even when he wrote his book “I am NOT Spock” reminding people that he was much more than Mister Spock on Star Trek, I think he later regretted not living up to his legacy, which is why he later wrote “I am Spock”.  Overall, his passion for little projects and his personal approach to acting is what made Leonard Nimoy a great guy.

nimoy18.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers – This is a good movie.  Leonard Nimoy plays a psychiatrist who tries to help out the main characters, crazy people that think their buddies are becoming pod-people.  He smiles and nods, thinking they’re absolutely nuts.  At one point, he consoles the character played by Brooke Adams, and he sounds professional and logical in his arguments, which is the perfect fit for Nimoy.  I like watching this movie every so often for fun.

nimoy27.  The Man Plays Himself – I can personally remember seeing Leonard Nimoy pop up on shows like The Simpsons or Big Bang Theory for many years, which was just awesome and funny.  The man doesn’t take himself too seriously, and all these appearances prove it.  On Futurama, he was only a head, but he was still hilarious.  Amazingly enough, he often played himself on many of these TV appearances, which is a testament to his ability to laugh and enjoy comedy, even if it was to make fun of Spock or himself.  Pretty awesome.

6.  Returning to Star Trek when everyone was negative – I can’t remember the hype for the 2009 Star Trek, but I do remember a lot of old time fans disliking it even before it came out.  Leonard Nimoy committed to the project even though it wasn’t really “his” Star Trek.  He was really moved by JJ Abrams, who said he couldn’t make the movie without Leonard Nimoy.  And Nimoy actually has a good part.  It’s not a bit part or just a cameo as in the sequel, Into Darkness.  Instead, Nimoy is actually part of the plot and gets to literally bridge the gap between old Star Trek and new.  JJ Abrams knows how to convince Nimoy to be in his projects, that’s for sure.

5.  Singing Badly like Shatner – Geez, I can’t go a week or two without somebody I know showing somebody else a stupid Youtube video of Leonard Nimoy or Shatner singing badly.  What were these guys thinking?  I will tell you one thing: they certainly commit and look like they’re having fun.

4.  Returning to Star Trek  the Next Generation – 25 million people tuned in to see Leonard Nimoy’s return to Star Trek in 1991, where he played Spock in “Unification”, an episode of The Next Generation.  He did it to help promote Star Trek VI, which was releasing around that time.  I personally thought it was a great episode and tuned in like everybody else, because I liked Spock.

3.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – I’m not sure how Leonard Nimoy personally felt about this movie, but I think it came at a time when he was tired of Star Trek, so he demanded to be killed off.  I heard that he regretted that decision, which is not surprising, because people love his character, Spock.  I hope Nimoy realized that people liked him too.

nimoy32.  Amok Time – This was probably the best Spock episode of The Original Series.  Either this one or the one where his father first appears on The Enterprise.  Amok Time is the one where he is forced to face off against his pal, Captain Kirk and ends up killing him.  He has this depressing speech, where he sounds pretty broken up about the whole thing.  He later can’t keep from smiling when Kirk turns up alive, after all.  The whole performance is good, with a little humor thrown in there at the end.  I think it works.

1.  Spock Likes Italian Food – Star Trek IV has my favorite Leonard Nimoy moment, and the whole movie uses Spock in a unconventional way.  Nimoy’s performance is good and pretty funny throughout.  He saves a bus full of people from a loud headbanger, so you’ve got to appreciate that, but I heard some of the dialogue between Kirk and Spock was improvised later on in the movie.  The best lines are when Spock and Kirk are arguing about Italian food, and Kirk is trying to get Spock to cooperate as he cons his way onto a date with this whale chick.  Pretty funny.  Best scene ever.


“I love Italian…and so do you.”