What is a porchdick? #porchdick

Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead coined this term talking about Jessie’s husband and exploded the internet with his anecdotes about annoying people on porches.  

Jessie’s husband is a certifiable porchdick on The Walking Dead, and he’s a guy who is really starting to annoy Rick.  The sneak peek for next week’s episode “Spend” featured an awkward conversation between the porchdick and Rick.  This guy is just asking for it at this point.

Clint Eastwood pioneered the porchdick concept, as he sat there trying to relax in his ghetto neighborhood.  Poor guy, all he wants to do is have a beer.  The definition of a porchdick is the guy who smiles and taunts people from the safety of their porch, like a real jerkwad.  Can you think of any examples?