The Walking Dead feel too tense in the apocalypse (eat some cookies then)

walking26 In “Forget”, Rick and the group did a whole lot of questioning and doubting, more than in all of the previous three episodes.  Every scene had one of the main characters question something in Alexandria, and the layers of planning and preparing started all over again.  I think this theme was led by Sasha, and she sees the cracks in the city’s reality.  It isn’t real.  It’s just a facade.

Sasha walks around with a certain amount of tension just waiting walking27for something to come at her.  The group figures the threat is going to be from people on the outside, which is probably why they teased The Whisperers again.  Just when they’re talking about security, some group is going to come  up on Alexandria with dubious intentions.

The pace of this episode was all over the place, as it tried to shoehorn in all the characters one at a time and get their perspective.  We could have done without the Abraham cameo and the episode would have been the same either way.  I guess it was alright, but felt choppy in some spots.

walking32The other thing about this episode is that it really doesn’t come out with much explanation about how the characters are feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a good thing, but all I can see is some super awkwardness going on.  Rick feels like a prisoner, a protector, and isolated all at the same time.  What was he doing at the wall?  Who knows.  He’s in brand new territory here, and seems only really comfortable around Jessie.  Cue the music and zoom in on the tension!

The highlight of this episode is Carol and her deceptiveness, which was no surprise.  What WAS a surprise, was her behavior.  She threatens to tie the young Sam to a tree and leave him for the walkers, which is cold, just cold.  Maybe Daryl is right, all these Alexandria people aren’t so bad and deserve a chance.

Overall, this was an okay episode.  Honestly, I was trying to decide if the characters were being resistent on purpose or not, because there’s plenty of comfort in Alexandria.  I think they know better, and although Abraham has about 50 beers, I don’t think they’ll get too comfortable.  We’ll just have to wait to find out.

On the whole, the episode had good emotions and character moments, but nothing was too over-the-top crazy.  I’m still wondering where Father Brown is, but I guess he gets his spotlight next week.  I want to know if Deanna had any clue who Carol really is, because her story is probably the most interesting.  We’ll have to see if Carol threatens her too, but I doubt it.  Carol will probably go on making cookies until somebody gives up her secret.  Norman Reedus downing a bowl of spaghetti in about 30 seconds was pretty funny and I think he’s carrying this show at this point.  He gets a motorcycle to put together as a reward, so we’ll have to see where he goes, other than out on the road, that is.