Tron 3 is happening? Canadians say yes #Tron3

tron1I thought this project was never going to happen, but apparently the all-wise and powerful internet is reporting that Tron 3 is shooting soon in Vancouver.  I really don’t think any of the original cast are available, although I could be wrong.  I thought Olivia Wilde was raising her son, for one. reported this today, with Garrett Hedlund returning to the starring role.  Why?

Tron: Legacy was not the best movie.  It was overhyped, overwritten, and had an excess of just about everything.  The only positive was that it was fun sometimes and the visuals were good.  That’s about it.  I think Hedlund has finished filming Mojave with Oscar Isaac, and it is due out this year sometime.  Vancouver’s own website probably would know who is coming to their town to do what, but I have my doubts this will ever happen.  It seems more likely than ever, but hopefully they’ll improve upon Tron: Legacy.  Will Tron show up?  Who knows.