Amazing Rise in Ratings for Walking Dead & 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys and The Walking Dead are polar opposites in terms of ratings and success, but both are on the rise.  The next announcement I hope I read is the renewal of 12 Monkeys for a second season, because the last few episodes have been pretty good.  The drama is about as good as it gets.  The first few episodes were shaky and not great in the least, at least in comparison to the latest episodes, which saw some great contributions from Kirk Acevado as Ramsey.

Acevado was a star of the latest episode, which saw a 20 percent rise in the ratings.  I think the storyline thread they’re on now is much better than the “hunt for the Night Room” runaround they were doing for the beginning of the season.  Another SyFy show called Helix was renewed last year for season two when it had around 1.3 million viewers average, but 12 Monkeys has about 800k and is not close to that number, unfortunately.  It may be that only an even higher rise in ratings might bring renewal.ratings3

On the other wing of success-ville, The Walking Dead is already renewed and is taking a similar course as last season, but at a much higher clip.  I should think it would probably continue along the same line and then the ratings will spike at the finale.  This year’s season finale could bring in a record rating.