Top Ten Evil Organizations #movies #evil

Every action adventure star needs an evil organization to fight, and there have been a LOT of these over the years, in movies, television, and comics.  The reason these organizations keep coming back is that they are the ones who give our hero something to do and make the overall plot of the story interesting, so if the evil organization is incoherent and silly, then the movie will be too.  Of course, there’s something to be said for being silly on purpose, but the evil has to fit the story.  

The evil organization is the one last bastion of black-and-white pulp stories in fiction.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something classic about good versus evil that modern movies don’t do very well, with a few rare exceptions, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  What is an evil organization?  They could be a corporation or a political group, but I think an effective evil organization should be well-organized, with goals and plans, and should model themselves after the groups who have threatened fictional spies for decades.

villain310.  Legion of Doom (Superfriends) – This group first appeared on the Superfriends cartoon show in 1978, and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t know who they are.  The cartoon itself has been lampooned more times than I can remember, and it became such a laughing-stock at one point, that DC Comics had to redesign some of its characters.  I think nowadays Superfriends is more well-regarded, but the Legion of Doom provided all the action and all the easily-escapable-death-traps for our heroes.  Probably the most popular member was Lex Luthor, who somehow kept his evil group together for the length of the show, presumably avoiding prison with his wiley intellect, or something.

villain49.  SPECTRE (James Bond) – This James Bond organization probably should be higher on the list, since they are the star villains in the upcoming James Bond film starring Daniel Craig.  A 007 film from the 60s often had SPECTRE in it, and their plans were way over-the-top and diabolical.  Thunderball (1965) is one of their most famous and well-received appearances, and their plan is a little more reality based, although still complicated and diabolical.  I like that word.  Diabolical.  Don’t you?

villain58.  Hydra (Captain America) – Hydra was made famous to everyone in the Captain America films by Marvel Studios, but it had been an evil organization for many years in Cap comics.  I think they originally began as the main group pitted against Nick Fury back in 60s comics, and were often generic bad guys dressed in ugly green and yellow comics.  Today, even Robert Redford joins in on the evil fun, and since he’s king of political espionage thrillers, you know he’s in the right place as the face of Hydra in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

7.  Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil) – The Umbrella Corporation is probably more generic than SPECTRE and Hydra (if that’s even possible), but I think they’re a little more evil.  From the way I understand it, the company is focused around research and design of the most diabolical kind.  (yay that word).  I still like the original Resident Evil (2002) movie, because of its style and pace, but I agree with the critics because the sequels are terrible.  Overall, I think they’re only possible because Umbrella is being evil, and they’re responsible for all kinds of evil stuff, including monsters, evil viruses, and a zombie outbreak.

villain26.  Cobra (GI Joe) – Unlike Umbrella, Cobra has personality.  The members of Cobra are all famous and each person has a unique personality.  Most people into media and movies will recognize Destro, The Baroness, and Cobra Commander, the three most famous members.  Chris Latta was the voice of Cobra Commander on the 80s GI JOE cartoon, and he had one of the most distinctive voices of all-time.  His performances were way over-the-top awesome, and he made an impact on many young children, including me.  He passed away back in the 90s.

5.  Omni Consumer Products (Robocop) – This is the modern-day corporation not good for much but stepping on the little guy.  That’s where Robocop comes in. OCP is the classic evil corporation, and pioneered being evil in business.

4.  Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner) – This is the one of the best oppressive corporations I’ve ever seen.  They were responsible for pretty much creating “people”, but got away with treating them like crap by calling them “replicants”.  It takes real evil to do that.  Nobody else could do that but a corporation as evil as Tyrell, whose leader was a weirdo rich guy.  You’ve got to wonder if Roy and the other criminal replicants could have been justified in rebelling, but they stooped to murdering everybody in their way, which of course is as evil as it gets in anyone’s book.  It’s too bad, because their cause is more interesting than anyone else on this list.

3.  Veidt Industries (Watchmen)  – This is the most well-written and thought-out organization on this list, which is why it gets the number three spot.  I’ve always had respect for the criminal mastermind, but you’ve got to hand it to Adrian Veidt: this is a guy who can plan out ways to bring society together simply by using the power of evil.  That’s right, countries come together and put aside their differences only because of evil, the evil from Veidt’s plan.  In the movie, this evil is Dr. Manhattan, but in the graphic novel, it’s an alien force.  I think they both work.  My only complaint is Matthew Goode as Veidt was terrible, and didn’t come off as diabolical at all.  (Diabolical count:5)

2.  Cyberdyne Systems Corporation (Terminator films) -Cyberdyne tops all these groups on the list because they were responsible for the apocalypse, pretty much.  This organization was not outwardly evil, at least in appearances, and their creation of an advanced supercomputer AI does have good intentions, but you know what they say about the best intentions.  This organization was pretty brainless and irresponsible, but made Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career possible, so that’s one good thing, at least.

1.  The Nazis – Although I kindcap5a cheated with this one, I don’t think there’s been a more evil group in movies and on TV than the Nazis. I can’t think of one time when they weren’t the antagonists, from the old-time serials to the Indiana Jones movies.  If a villain from comics, movies or television is REALLY, REALLY evil, than it’s a safe bet he’s a Nazi.  The Red Skull was a Nazi in the original Captain America movie.  That movie was a perfectly one-sided good versus evil battle, so their depiction of The Red Skull was pretty good, in my opinion.  Today, the Nazi villain is way out-of-style, and they’ve been replaced by Communists or terrorists.