It’s time for the confusion report – Tomorrow and Yesterday

monkeys24The future’s fancy time machine breaks down and now the characters actually have to deal with the story, instead of dancing around it all day.  Ramsey and his pals have to deal with the busted-ass time machine and the people coping with the busted-ass future.  Cole has to deal with surviving being blown up by the CIA and the start of the plague.  

In Yesterday, the drama in the past and future kicks off with a great performance from Kirk Acevado.  He pretty much carries the episode “Yesterday” and the storyline in the future.  While bargaining for parts for the busted-ass time machine, Ramsey meets an old flame and does plenty of interacting with the other characters, including new ones.

monkeys34These two episodes are way slower than any episode that came before.  They deal with hard consequences and relationships.  In Tomorrow, Cole is dealing with the outbreak of the plague in 2017, who stands at the beginning of the outbreak.  Meanwhile, Ramsey has to decide how to help Cole and protect his girlfriend/son at the same time.  It is a very interesting storyline.  To confuse us, there’s some flashbacks, flashforwards, and some science.

Overall, I think this series has come a long way.  These two episodes show how powerful and dramatic this series can be, without any of the timeline tricks or science techno-babble.  These episodes earn their ratings the hard way, with character development and plot.  It’s a good time.  I think the series creators are celebrating because 12 Monkeys has been picked up for a second season.  This is today’s news, and confirms the success of the 12 Monkeys.