The Downward Spiral of The Walking Dead isn’t bad TV at all #TheWalkingDead

walk10In total, this episode shows us that the characters on this show are the most un-lucky people on Earth. This episode reminded me of the season four episode where everything went down the crapper and a roof-full of zombies collapsed on everybody.  It’s the same setup, with some other action mixed in.   Everything goes wrong and the episode stomps on our hope for the characters.  I was actually cringing in this one.

Just about every single person is unlucky in this episode.  Every one of them.  It was like watching the downward spiral of your pals.  I think the show tricked me with the pleasant little intro, but then it got dirty, socking me in the gut with reality.  And the reality is: this show doesn’t mess around.

walk8I guess I was wrong about the motivations of Deanna, because she seems pretty clueless.  She just wanted help from Rick’s group and that’s all.  No secrets.  No master plan.  She’s just got these jackasses she can’t make into survivors, so that’s why she’s promoting every one of Rick’s group.  Of course, she’ll be pretty unhappy next week, but what can she do about it?  Not much.

Rick was undecided last week about where things were at, which is probably why he disappeared this week.  He’s with his group and that’s pretty much all we can tell.  Next week I think we’ll see a lot more from Rick as he gets right in the middle of this situation between his group and the townspeople.

The group’s trip to the warehouse reminded me of season four when they did the same thing.  It was pretty much the same setup.  I really liked the use of the revolving doors because those kind of unique situations make the show interesting.  What happens to Noah was pretty brutal and I was kinda surprised they trimmed the cast so much in one episode.  It was surprising, but that’s what makes the show good.  

Overall, this was a good episode.  I think it had just the right amount of tension to keep me watching.  Unfortunately, it felt like a retread of that season 4 episode, which would probably bother somebody more picky than me.  I think next week could be pretty good, as Deanna starts arguing with Rick and it all goes south.  What happens next?  They’ve certainly set it up for a good showdown.