One of these characters will die #TheWalkingDead

walkindead002I have the feeling that more of The Walking Dead cast is due up for a brutal death, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of those on this list.  I guess I know why they’ve added so many characters this season–to kill them off.  I think the most likely suspects are those who have nothing in store for them or seriously have it coming, like jackass Nicholas does.

10.  Daryl – This rumor has been floating around forever and it must have come from somewhere.  Why do people want Daryl to die?  He’s one of the most popular characters on the show, but his storyline is over and he’s got his bike all built already.  I thought they were going to build up (sic) the storyline by having Daryl work on it, but I guess not.  He’s already having his last ride.

9.  Pete – This #porchdick has it coming, and the whole thing is building to a confrontation with Rick.  I’m guessing Rick will either kill him or he gets killed in a melee, because he’s a careless jackass.  But honestly, his story isn’t over as of last week’s episode, so his death is not as likely as some others.

walkingdead5148.  Glenn – There are even more death rumors about Glenn than Daryl.  He even dies in the comics in a brutal way, but he’s really become a mainstay to the cast on the show.  His performances are great and I like his character.  I think the highlight of his run was last week in the warehouse, where he was a leader.  That might be the pinnacle for the character, so Glenn might be next.

7.  Tara – The most likely death might be Tara, as she’s already bleeding like a stuck pig and unconscious.  It may be that she never wakes up.  It’s one of the safest bets around.

6.  Deanna – If Rick has to “take” Alexandria, then there’s no doubt that Deanna has to go.  However, I think it’s more likely that Deanna gives up and surrenders leadership to Rick, instead of him taking it by force.  It might be that one of the Alexandria natives shoots her for that blasphemy.

5.  Sasha – Her death has almost been telegraphed from the beginning, as the outcasts and jerks seem to be the most likely target.  With her inability to fit in, she really has no future in Alexandria, so she’s likely to die soon.  Then again, she’s the one dishing out the bullets in the preview for the next episode, so she may be safe.  For a little while.

4.  Jessie – This is a spoiler, but Jessie’s death may be a reversal from the comics where Pete is the one to bite it.  Kirkman could turn the tables and reveal the sweet/innocent Jessie as the child abuser.  This is why Sam keeps destroying his mom’s owl statue thing.  He really hates her.  It could come down to who Rick believes: Pete or Jessie.  I’m guessing Jessie won’t be the one who gets blown away, but you never know.

3.  Eugene – Last week, Eugene went through a lot of growth and showed he could be much more than just a coward.  So that’s it.  His storyline is done.  They’re in Washington already anyway.  So axe him.  

2.  Nicholas – This guy might as well wear a t-shirt that reads: I’m a jackass, so kill me.  He has it coming.

walking281.  Carol – This one is the most motivated by the story.  Unlike Sasha, Carol fits in, but she’s one big walking lie.  She’s chalking up a lot of enemies and scaring the kids.  She’s becoming a target and might get into a confrontation with a big jackass like Pete, so maybe that’s why she ends up dead.  Her whole existence in Alexandria is a lie, so I doubt she can go on much longer that way.  Her death is the one thing Norman Reedus was referring to when he hinted that the season finale would be brutal.  Carol is close to Daryl, after all.  I hope I’m wrong!