Top Ten Movies That I could watch over and over

chevy1I could watch these ten movies every day for as long as I have a television and a DVD player.  Well, maybe not every day, but there’s something about these movies that makes them fun to watch over and over.  And over again.  What is it?  Who knows, but it’s something catchy, and I have to pop in one of these movies every so often, like on a slow Sunday or lazy Friday.  To me, these movies are comfortable and fun, and I don’t know why I watch them over and over.  It’s the same movie, right?  I sometimes find something new and that’s a great motivator, but I think it’s mostly how I felt when I first watched it.  Something in that first viewing really struck a cord, and that’s why we watch movies many times, even hundreds of times.  We want to recapture that feeling.

10.  Pulp Fiction – I don’t know what it is, but this movie is crazy good and there’s not one obnoxious scene in the whole movie.  I chuckle and smile at Samuel L. Jackson when I should probably be serious about him gunning down some guy, but I can’t help it.  His dialogue is the best and I sometimes turn on the movie for his scenes, especially the diner scene and the apartment shoot-out.

9.  Star Trek IV – This is probably the most lighthearted Star Trek movie around.  At this point in the franchise, William Shatner and crew have surpassed the source material and they’re pretty much doing a comedy here.  When he’s sipping a beer and making a joke, William Shatner is still Captain Kirk though.  Most of his dialogue with Spock is amusing and a perfect treat for a repeat viewer like me.  

8.  Dawn of the Dead – I watch this movie when I want to see people have a worse day than me.  It’s like a car crash I can’t turn away from and I keep coming back to because it’s so low-budget, brutal, and awesome.  Also, most of the dialogue and the themes are pretty good too.  As far as I know, the situations are totally unique, so I often turn it on to see them all over again.

7.  Fletch – This is my good mood movie.  Chevy Chase has that kind of sarcastic comedy I like.  Nobody I know can be so direct with their boss, so that part is a plus.  The movie itself is pretty entertaining and most of the jokes work.  

6.  Session 9 – This movie is serious, but it fits the bill when I act like I’m trying to learn something.  It has deeper themes, but I can watch it for its horror elements or the atmosphere.  David Caruso being a jerk is another plus.

5.  The Maltese Falcon – This is for classic-movie time, and I can’t stop watching this one over and over.  It never gets old.  The dialogue is awesome.  The plot and the story is awesome.  Sydney Greenstreet is hilarious and commands attention.  This one almost has the perfect cast, from Humphrey Bogart to Peter Lorre.  

4.  Raiders of the Lost Ark – I first saw this when I was small and I thought it was an energetic movie.  I still do.  The pace is incredible.  I don’t know how Harrison Ford pulled off both the acting and the stunt work, like whip handling.  He makes it believable.  

3.  Ghostbusters – Like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray is my kind of comedian.  He’s sarcastic to the core, but he’s a rebel without a cause in the original Ghostbusters, chewing up every scene with his ability.  The science fiction and the action elements make me come back, but it’s really the characters I like.

starwars92.  Star Wars – I haven’t watched the original Star Wars in a while actually, but I used to watch it all the time.  I think now I’m on Star Wars strike while I wait for the new movie.  I actually like reading Star Wars news more than watching the movies, but maybe I’ve seen them too many times.  How is that possible?

1.  Aliens – My original DVD of Aliens wore out after a while and started skipping.  It stopped working altogether right when the Aliens starting chasing all the marines back to the ship.  I couldn’t get it to start working again.  Actually, I couldn’t even get the darn thing out of the DVD player at first, but that’s a whole different tangent.  Anyway, needless to say, I bought another copy, and still watch it for the action.  Shoot up those Aliens! Yeah!