7 billion people or your family – Decisions, Decisions

monkeys46In the latest episode of 12 Monkeys on SyFy, Ramsey wakes up and tries to protect his son, thinking this time travel crap is never going to work.  It’s one thing to decide to make changes in your life, but it’s another thing to actually become obsessed with the past at the expense of the future.  Do you choose the past or present?  7 billion or your family in the now trying to live?  That’s the theme of “Divine Move” and it’s a great motif.  I like it.  It fits a lot of the war-torn characters very well, especially Ramsey, played by Kirk Acevado.  He chooses the present.

Ramsey becomes convinced that the time travel experiment isn’t working.  He tried to talk Cole out of it a while back, which didn’t work.  And there’s no talking to Jones, who seems as obsessed as anyone on the show.  So he does the only thing he can do, he tries to sabotage the time machine and confront these jerks.  

monkeys32These time travel “crusaders” are nothing of the kind.  Remember, they killed everyone at Operation: Spearhead, a medical relief effort to find a cure for the virus.  Ramsey believes there are no shortcuts, and I agree.  His son is the most important choice for him to make, especially when the mother of his kid gets killed by the time travel jerks “accidentally”.  Uh huh.  Sure.

With a few episodes left, 12 Monkeys is setting up a Cole and Ramsey confrontation, two guys on the opposite side of the belief spectrum.  Cole is becoming as obsessed as Jones, and since he’s dying and actually doing the work, his belief is in the mission.  I think he’s also obsessed with Cassandra, played by Amanda Schull.  I guess I can’t blame him.  And then there’s Ramsey, who I’ve already said doesn’t believe in all this crap.

It should be an interesting last few episodes on 12 Monkeys.  It’s too bad they had to throw in some one-dimensional villains, but I guess just a moral drama doesn’t cut it these days.  They have The Thin Man, now there’s a mysterious woman too, who is trying to get her piece of the one-dimensional pie.  Hopefully, Cole can shoot all these guys next episode, but it’s not likely.  I’m looking forward to the friend versus friend fight, as 12 Monkeys reaches for something deeper.