Why can’t anyone find and see this friggin movie?

follows1I wanted to see this new movie called It Follows (2015), which is much-hyped and blah blah, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  And when I actually did find it, I couldn’t buy any tickets.  And don’t get me started on video-on-demand.  The news on a date to video-on-demand is up in the air; maybe it’s coming to on-demand late in March, maybe later, maybe when we get the second coming.

Sometimes it really ticks me off how movies are so hyped up and pushed, but nobody can see the darn thing.  That’s how I feel about It Follows, the latest independent horror movie from David Robert Mitchell.  I was reading about it and the whole friggin internet is going crazy about this horror movie.  A horror movie!  That’s right, a movie where a hulking stalker tries to kill some young people.  Sound familiar?  That’s what the net likes today, apparently. 

I figure it’s got motifs, it’s got themes, metaphors and horror stuff, hey it’s right up my alley.  But I can’t even pay to see it.  I’m not sure why people are so crazy for this movie when Friday the 13th and lots of other movies have already done the same teen punishment/stalker/horror crap.  I couldn’t tell you the answer to that actually, because I haven’t seen the darn thing.  Is it really original or did the internet explode on accident?  I’ll never know.  It’s certainly getting a lot of buzz for itself though, and I am bummed I can’t see it to see why people are so in love with this movie.