Top Ten Ways you want The Walking Dead season 5 to end

walk8This is a post combining my click-bait obsession with my Walking Dead obsession, the best of both worlds.  The Walking Dead has been striving for something original throughout season 5, but now that we’re in Unique-land, I can’t help but want it to all come crashing down.  Crashing down in a blaze of glory.  With blood and gore.  And explosions.  Honestly, there could be a number of ways the finale to season 5 could go, although there are definitely some hints.  Which ending is the most likely?

10.  Eugene kills everyone – Suggested by Josh McDermitt jokingly, this ending could have a hint of truth to it.  It might be that Eugene shoots somebody who has it coming, or maybe he shoots someone on purpose!  He keeps shooting until everybody is dead.  He then turns the gun over to The Governor.  Yikes!

9.  Capture of Aaron and Daryl – The Wolves ambush Daryl and Aaron in the forest, and Daryl is injured.  The Wolves lock them up in a shed and it looks like Daryl might die from blood loss, but Morgan kills the guards and saves them.  He reveals the secret takeover plans The Wolves have and they head for Alexandria before it’s too late.  Meanwhile, The Wolves sneak in while Rick and Deanna argue in a meeting.  The gunfight seen in the preview is The Wolves beginning their attack on the city.  Everyone joins forces for once and defends the city.  Rick proclaims that they have the strength to fight!  Everyone agrees!  Hooray!

walking128.  The Takeover – It is time for someone to step forward and take over the leadership of the city.  I think it could be Pete, who kills Deanna after an argument.  He has the support of Nicholas and his jackass buddies, who lock up Rick in a shed.  Some of the others try to free Rick, but a huge gunfight erupts.  Sasha has no choice but to shoot some of the living, which is seen in the preview.  In the end, Pete is dead.  Yay?

7.  The Morgan ending – Daryl and Aaron discover Morgan in the forest, but he’s being held in a shed by The Wolves.  There’s a shootout, and Morgan is wounded.  Meanwhile, Deanna bans Rick from the city, never to return.  The Wolves corner Aaron and Daryl, but Rick jumps to the rescue on his walk through the forest.  Together, they return to the city.

6.  The Carl is at fault ending – Carl discovers Enid taking food to some survivors on the outside of the city.  They barely escape a group of zombies and run back home.  Carl forgets to lock the gate, so the zombies accidentally get in.  They eat Enid.  Carl sobs for a while.  

5.  Cookie Betrayal – Deanna confronts Carol about her double-faced behavior, because this is a smart senator we’re talking about here.  Carol offers her cookies, but Deanna smacks her instead.  There’s a huge catfight.  They roll around for a while.  In the end, Carol and Deanna end up laughing and wonder why they were fighting in the first place.  They share a cookie and Carol saves everybody.

4.  Rick bans himself – The episode might be all about Rick being banned, but maybe he bans himself.  Deanna has a meeting at the church and everyone starts arguing loudly, until Rick walks out to go into self-imposed exile, so no one will get hurt.  He sits in the forest until he sees The Wolves going by and starting toward the city.  Rick follows them and has a debate with the leader at the gates of Alexandria.  He is threatened by a sniper, like in the comics, but is saved by Sasha.  A gunfight erupts and Rick saves the day.  Everyone loves Rick again.

walk123.  Death of the porchdick – Maggie tries to convince Deanna not to ban Rick, but she’s dead set against him.  Meanwhile, Father Jackass continues to speak very poorly of all the group, and reveals all their dirty deeds in the meeting, painting them as bad people.  Glenn steps up to defend the group, but Nicholas insults him, so Glenn whaps him a good one.  Pete jumps Rick in the chaos, but Deanna’s husband tries to separate them.  Pete slits his throat.  Deanna orders Rick to shoot Pete between the eyes, then resigns from office and awards leadership to Rick.

2.  Okay, let’s work it out – Deanna probably won’t die in the season finale, but a lot of things are going to get resolved.  Pete is going to die.  Nicholas gets beat up.  Father Jackass is going to yell and cry, even more than last time.  Carl and Enid have a good time.  Tara wakes up and is okay.  Best of all, Abraham and Eugene resolve things.  Nobody dies, and nothing really momentous happens in this ending, which is the disappointing part.

1.  Where does Morgan come in?  – Somehow the zombies get into the city, probably because somebody forgot to lock the front door, but the real story is on the outside.  Aaron and Daryl encounter Morgan, Morgan encounters The Wolves, and everyone fights.  Morgan is killed!  The Wolves stab Daryl!  Rick argues and whines, telling everyone to fight!  They do!  Uh oh, but it’s too late because The Wolves get inside the city and run around until Rick gets on a loudspeaker to give them the confidence to shoot these jackasses.