12 Monkeys = Friend versus Friend to the end

monkeys27This episode is one big rerun from Ramsey’s perspective, and we learn why the army of the 12 Chimps has always been one step ahead of Cole and Cassie.  Ramsey has given these chimp-obsessed-weirdos the scoop on Cole and Cassie because he’s already experienced it.  Yes, that means that “Shonin” is a time-travel episode, but I could follow it just fine.  Ramsey joins up with the army of the 12 Monkeys and I enjoyed this episode a lot.

Ramsey travels back to 1987, like the ending to the last episode told us.  Cole goes after him and they fight.  Ramsey wins, stabbing Cole, and skips off thinking his buddy has died.  We learn later that this is not the case.  Meanwhile, Ramsey is stuck in 1987, gets convicted of murder, spends time in prison, and ends up in the lap of the same people Cole was sent to destroy.  That’s right, the army of the 12 Rascals makes Ramsey their figurehead, and some weird woman uses her soothing voice to convince him everything is going according to plan.

I said “Hey Kirk! These guys cause the apocalypse! Wake up!”, but it didn’t help.

monkeys28Kirk Acevedo really does his best work in this episode.  No one else is given the screentime to get much done, but Acevedo really comes through with his performance.  His suffering in the prison and his interactions with the other characters are great.  The only thing I didn’t get was how readily he accepted help from the army of the 12 Simians.  Maybe since he’s been over it before, he’s not phased by anything anymore.

The ending is a twist, and shows how Cole survived his Ramsey stabbing.  There’s really not much for Aaron Stanford to do but roll around in pain the whole episode, but he gets the point across.  Alisen Down does alright as the Woman with the Soothing Voice, but she’s still a one-dimensional character.  Overall, I did get the friend versus friend action I was expecting, but the Ramsey story was an unexpected surprise and it was a much better than anything else.