The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale tops last season

The ratings are out and they show that The Walking Dead season 5 is pretty much a success.  Except for a couple of bumps when the show veered off into incomprehensible-land, it has done very well this season.  The Alexandria arc pretty much saved the show from becoming redundant and the same thing all over again, with the characters wandering around and gathering crap.  Sure, we still get that, but now there’s more characters and a single setting to get used to.

The Walking Dead season 4 finale topped out at an 8 in the 18-49 demo, but this year, the show pushed past that slightly and achieved an 8.16.  It may be marginally better, and some may even consider it the same number pretty much, but I still think the show did very well this season.  The highlight for me was the #porchdick mini-subplot, which exploded the internet when Chris Hardwick invented that catchphrase for Pete.  Pretty funny.