Katarina and her hair save the future

monkeys47Even though Katarina’s hair looks sorta weird, she does a good job this week saving Cole as the blond German doctor weirdo person, who is getting to be a very familiar part of the show.  Cole still has nothing to do but roll around on the ground AGAIN, but now he’s spitting up green blood because he’s dying.  He’s not an alien.  Instead, he has time travel poisoning or something.

Cole is bleeding like a stuck pig on Cassie’s doorstep, so she does the normal thing and contacts a weirdo German doctor for help.  Makes sense.  There is a lot of dialogue in this episode, but it is fun stuff, and the pace is not too bad.  When they start getting serious, everyone seems on edge for some reason, as they know Tom Noonan could be kicking their door down anytime.  Scary.

I could swear Katarina is wearing a wig.  Her hair sticks out like a sore thumb.  Anyway, she helps Cassie and Cole, but he needs a blood transfusion from himself for some reason for the treatment to work, so they locate the young Cole in 2015.  His father doesn’t immediately call the cops, instead helping his adult son with his infant son’s blood.  I was loving this confusing paradox crap.  It was great.  Don’t get the past and present too close, or there will be an explosion or something.

monkeys48Noah Bean as Aaron has a different reaction than I thought to this whole thing.  He tries to keep Cassie from trouble by kidnapping her, but she slugs him, and he stands there whining, then decides to call in the monkeys to stop messing around.  If you can’t love ’em, leave ’em, I guess.  Honestly, he really should be playing both sides, because there’s no reason to trust the monkeys.  His character makes no sense, so he becomes a villain kinda quickly.  I guess the Black Haired Woman did some good convincing, huh?  huh? Ahem.  

Plenty of Amanda Schull in this episode, which is a good thing.  She’s almost in every scene, except for one where the Crazy Lady ™ Emily Hamphire makes an appearance, but it’s good to see her too.  I guess she got away from her father, but I was curious what her next plan might be.  She’s not interacting with the main characters much, but hopefully soon.  Maybe she’ll invite them to her cocktail party at her new corporation.  Let the wacky hijinx ensue.

Overall, I’d say this episode was a pretty good one.  I liked the Ramsey episode better, and that only reminds me that Kirk Acevado is nowhere to be found in this one.  They could have really ramped up the drama with a conversation between Cole and his father, but they cut away to commercial instead.  WHY?  I would have liked to see more of Cole and his father talking, but the best dialogue comes from the confrontation between Katarina and Cassie.  Gold star to Cole’s father, played by Mark Margolis because he does a great job.  Anyway, this one doesn’t go too far off the cliff, because that’s what the finale is all about next week! Yeah!