Right on the Money = #12Monkeys season finale

12monkeys2The last ten minutes of the season finale are the best yet, as Aaron Stanford is finally using his legs and Katarina is back to her crazy, depressed self we know so well.  Oh and Kirk Acevedo is there too, being Captain Dependable and holding the whole thing together.  Just about everything in the season finale works, except for some spotty parts that dragged a little, and the borderline silly motivations by people with guns.  

12monkeys4This episode was the deciding factor of the series, and it wasn’t the deciding factor at the same time.  The premise was very simple, that fate wasn’t going to allow Katarina and Cole to change the future, which means this episode was deeper than usual, as they tried to address that theme and find out if it was true.  It also showed us that fate was a manipulated force, put into motion by the Monkeys, a band of weirdos led by the Woman with a Soothing Voice.  A well-dressed weirdo, but still a weirdo.

The best s12monkeys5cenes in the whole thing are between Kirk Acevedo and Aaron Stanford, who rock the screen.  They standoff against each other at the end, but the tables get turned when a blonde interrupts with her blondeness.  Apparently, a college-graduate and celebrated research scientist has a hair-trigger.  Anyway, I can’t hold a grudge against Cassie, but I don’t get how she goes all blonde and loses her mind.  Strange.

12monkeys3The Woman with the Soothing Voice says fate can’t be stopped, so she grows weirdo kids into unstoppable enforcers to kill our band of time traveling heroes in the future.  Is that fate?  Maybe the virus is fate, which The Weirdo Woman says is pretty much inevitable, but I think she forgot that it was her pals who assaulted the Night Room for it in the first place.  Maybe fate is the future deaths of our heroes and the world, all of which still happen, no matter how much time travel occurs.  Maybe that’s the fate this wacko lady is fixated on.  I don’t get her.  She just likes to stand around thinking the future is set, when we can tell by the ending, she doesn’t know jack about what really happens.

Overall, this episode was great.  You’ve got to respect them for not playing it safe and trying to deliver something deeper.  Katarina’s return to form was fun, and Aaron Stanford’s performance was solid.  He finally had something to do.  Yay.  This episode had me wondering what’s next, which is probably the point, but I don’t think we’re going to get more of the same.  Cassie and Cole have effectively changed places, and we might see the opposite perspective next season, where she is the time traveler and Cole is the dufus who needs help.  The series could go in many different directions, so the future should be interesting, no pun intended.  Well, maybe a little.