Native Americans quit Adam Sandler’s movie

net2Although I don’t usually cover movie news, this topic seems important enough to mention in a larger discussion about the progression of different cultures on screen.  Adam Sandler’s movie, The Ridiculous Six, began shooting on Apr 23 and featured Sandler in the title role as a white man brought up in the Native American culture.  The focus of this comedy is obviously culture shock, like in Coming to America or Borat.  Of course, this invites offending all sorts of people, which is exactly what happened.

A handful of Native Americans walked off the set after being offended by the portrayal of several of the characters and the jokes made at their expense.  This story was picked up by CNN, ABC News and Yahoo, where I was reading about the nicknames the movie gives to Native Americans, like “Beaver’s Breath” and “No Bra”, which is supposed to be a joke.  

This is a lot different than using culture all in good fun, like in an adventure or a Clint Eastwood western, but purposefully making jokes at their expense is not my kind of movie.  Netflix is backing Sandler’s movie and defended it recently by saying that Native Americans are “in on the joke”, so they shouldn’t be so upset.  Of course, this is crap.

The sad part is that some Native Americans had to stay on this stupid movie because they needed a job.  I will not be seeing this one.