Top 10 Quotable Movie Quotes to Quote

There are hundreds of movie quotes you hear all the time, but there’s only a few that are so memorable that they make the movie.  Can you believe that?  A few simple lines of dialogue could make a movie successful, and have made a couple of movies worth coming back to over and over, if only to chuckle at a couple of these quotes.  There’s only a question of which ones rank as the most memorable movie quotes of all-time.  I’m pretty sure you can guess the top couple of quotes, right?  Uh oh, better read on to find out!

10.  I’m Batman – This one is thrown in here on the end because of my love for the Michael Keaton 1989 Batman movie.  In the movie, Batman grabs a guy and yells his name at him all throatily.  This quote (and that scene) were everywhere when this movie came out.  Even though Keaton couldn’t turn his head, people still lined up for this movie, and I think the marketing contributed a lot to the success.

frank79.  Don’t call me Shirley – Airplane (1980) used to be a very quotable movie you’d hear all the time, back in the day.  Leslie Nielsen was a funny guy, and pioneered the dry humor movie, which Chevy Chase also did pretty well.  

8.  We’re not in Kansas anymore – The Wizard of Oz has a couple of famous lines of dialogue, but this one is probably the most repeated.  It’s been used in other places besides the movie, and entered into our cultural dialogue of mumbo jumbo, for when we’re in a strange place.

7.  My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die – Teens used to say this one in my neighborhood, because The Princess Bride was a pretty darn funny movie.  You could watch it over and over and it’d never get old.  I mean, people would.  I wouldn’t.  Really.

6.  I fart in your general direction – The Monty Python movies have arguably the biggest list of quotable lines and there’s tons of funny ones.  Even the songs are hilarious.

5.  You came in that thing?  You’re braver than I thought = Just for nostalgia reasons, I’m putting this one on the list.  It’s from Star Wars, and Princess Leia says it when she sees how big a piece of crap the Falcon is.  Han Solo can only smirk and say, “Nice”.  

frank84.  You talkin’ to me? = Taxi Driver (1976) is a quotable movie for only one scene featuring Robert De Niro talking to himself in the mirror.  Every guy on the planet says this line to make themselves look tough and to get a couple of chuckles.  John Hinckley Jr watched this movie and decided to shoot the President in order to impress Jodie Foster.  The jury decided that Robert De Niro was too big an impression on him and came back with an innocent verdict.

3.  What we got here is a failure to communicate – Cool Hand Luke (1967) doesn’t have a lot of quotable lines, but this is a big one.  It was repeated a lot later on in the media and in the 90s by stand-up comedians.  Roddy Piper said it on TV and it was used on CSI.  Kramer even said it on Seinfeld.

2.  That’s a big twinkie – This is one of my favorite quotes of all-time.  It is a perfect comeback to Egon’s metaphor about the ghost energy in New York being as big as a twinkie.  Hilarious.

1.  I’ll be back – This is probably the quote that launched a thousand sequels.  Arnold says it in every Terminator film and says it in the new one too.  There’s nothing really remarkable about it, except how deadpan serious he is when he says it in the first two Terminator films.  After that, I could have done without it, and everyone else on the planet saying it too.