Orson Welles’ Memoir is Discovered at U of M

welles1Researchers at the University of Michigan were lucky enough to unearth Orson Welles’ unpublished memoir, which is said to be over 1,000 pages in length.  The head researcher Phillip Hallman was interviewed by local Detroit radio and he said that it might take him about five months to go through it all.  Holy cow, that’s a long time.  I usually don’t cover movie news, but I wonder what Orson Welles’ writing is like and how his life story reads.  The memoir was discovered in a series of boxes, which were donated by his mistress.  They’ve just been sitting around collecting dust.  

To me,  Orson Welles sounds like the ultimate obsessive compulsive procrastinator.  He had many unfinished projects in his life and he was known for being very temperamental about his art.  Maybe we’ll get a little insight to how he thinks someday, if this memoir is ever published.  They’ll have to edit the darn thing first though, geez.