Batman Begins turns 10 years old

Ibatman1 can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this movie.  To be honest, I think this movie is underrated in the face of its much better brother, The Dark Knight, but it’s still a pretty good movie.  Maybe a little formulaic, but it gave a lot of people the Batman they’ve always wanted in movie form.  To many people, the Christopher Nolan Batman is THE Batman.  

Several websites have claimed that Batman Begins redeemed Batman from the horribly over-glossy version that came before.  The one thing I liked about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight was the grit.  Just everything about the environment(s) was perfect.  The buildings and the dirt and the smoke.  It was just right, and even better in The Dark Knight.

As an origin story, Batman Begins works.  The foundation that Christopher Nolan created in Batman Begins makes it a great achievement in my opinion, and I don’t think anything over-the-top would have worked, so Ra’s al Ghul and Scarecrow fit just right into Nolan’s foundation for Batman.  Considering that, it might be even more important than The Dark Knight.  

Although it wasn’t as momentous, the 1989 Batman gets no credit either for being dark, serious, and doing it first.  Christopher Nolan didn’t pattern himself after Tim Burton and Batman Begins feels more ambitious, with the sweeping landscapes in the first act.  Burton could never pull sweeping landscapes without an excess color.  The landscapes of Batman Begins are just amazing, and the overseas journey might be an origin for Batman, but it’s also an allegory too, which is just a bonus for me.

Overall, I like Batman Begins a lot.  I used to look down on it because of The Dark Knight’s success, but not anymore.  It set the table for Batman to eat at, and it sure did a good job.  I know, everything isn’t perfect, but I think Batman Begins satisfied the appetite of a lot of superhero fans and contributed to the rise of the superhero movie, which has Christopher Nolan to thank above all.