X-Files Jan 24th Episode Title and Plot Details Revealed

x-files2As a big fan of The X-Files, I have been following the series revival for some time and have found a lot of interesting information.  I have never reviewed The X-Files episodes on this blog because their are upteen blogs doing that already, but might consider it for The X-Files movies, which I have enjoyed.  As for the series revival, EVERYONE is back for more, and even Nicholas Lea (aka Krychek) is rumored to be part of the cast.  If that wasn’t enough, the first episode is being directed by the legendary Chris Carter and features Mulder and Scully in very different places.

The title of the first episode is “My Struggle”, which alludes to a great many things.  It is reminiscent of a semi-autobiographical book by Karl Ove Knausgård, which caused a media uproar in his home country of Norway.  This could be a clue to what happens in the episode, which I’ve read, features Mulder struggling with the media.  Joel McHale has signed on as a guest-star, and is playing a media journalist, so the “struggle” could be a reference to his work on a story about Mulder.

Another guest-star is Annet Mahendru, who thinks she’s an alien abductee.  As is typical, I’m guessing that nobody believes her except Mulder.  Other guest-stars include Mitch Pileggi as Skinner, the 77-year old William B. Davis as the Smoking Man, and more.  According to the “Den of Geek” website, William B. Davis himself confirmed he IS appearing in the first episode AND others.  Now I’m excited.

Mulder and Scully are pretty much a couple at the end of the original series and in some of the movies, but apparently not in the new revival.  Whether they separated by choice or became estranged might be touched on, but their relationship status was probably altered to help the series not feel like a retread of old continuity.  Developing new stories is important, and that’s what the writers are doing, apparently.  I’ll be tuning in to every single episode just like I did in the old days, and hopefully the new mini-series can be as compelling.