I got my It Follows on DVD !

follows3I don’t know about you, but I got my copy of It Follows (2014) today and watched it all over again, listening to the amazing commentary.  The commentary is by Scott Weinberg from Nerdist and FEARNet, plus additional guests from around the internet.  It’s nobody I recognize, but Scott does a great job explaining some of his thoughts on the themes of the movie and the popular beliefs about its meaning.

Beyond the thematic discussion, an interesting discussion topic I think he brings up is the predicted longegity of this movie.  Will It Follows stick around for years to come?  Or will it fade away like a flash in the pan?  I am of the belief that it has a lot to offer and I think it is an excellent choice for repeat viewings.  

Overall, I am happy with the DVD of It Follows and I think I’ll watch it again soon!  Maybe I’ll look into getting the soundtrack.  Is that sort of thing even available?  I wonder.  I’m not sure what people have been buying recently, but It Follows was at the top of my list.